This is when residents improve their own home with the support of the local authority. With a population of , people, stretching for more than two miles, the Complexo do Alemao favela is one of the largest favelas in Brazil. This causes diseases which spread rapidly. Found in over countries it is estimated that 95 per cent of the world recognise its famous logo. The huge volume of people migrating to cities has caused many problems.

Stage two – With the shanty town secured, staff from Rio’s municipal authority can start to provide social services such as schools, healthcare centres, and rubbish collection. The cable cars enable residents to get from one end of the favela to the other in just sixteen minutes. And now, remember homework work and power give proper attribution. It may be cold here, but nothing like as cold as where they are coming from. A problem of rapid rural to urban migration is the development of squatter settlements. For example, the local authority may provide cheap building materials or a loan for residents to purchase them. India’s economic changes have caused rapid urbanisation.

These are small scale projects which allow local people to use their skills to help improve their local area. This has several advantages and disadvantages.

nitesize Disadvantages In some cases this rapid urbanisation happens too fast for the city authorities to cope with. Because of the lack of toilets and poor sanitationsewage often runs in open drains. This increases the wealth of the country and through the multiplier effect and also creates other jobs for less skilled people.

Residents make all the improvements to their homes themselves. The squatter settlement is unplanned and has these characteristics: The local authority sometimes provides residents with materials to construct permanent accommodation.


dharavi case study bbc bitesize

Low-interest loans may be used to help people fund these changes. Permanent police presences are established in what had often been no-go areas for security officials.

Dharavi case study bbc bitesize

To walk it would take two hours, and each local person gets a free return ticket every day. Dharavi could copy the improvement approach, this approach worked in Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the residents themselves improved the squatter settlements or ‘favelas’. Mumbai is a vital trading hub within India and the Asian dharaavi. It is one of the most densely populated megacities in the world, particularly the Island City sector with a population density of 43, people per square kilometre.

They met little resistance, as gang members chose to flee rather than fight.

Caee some cases this rapid urbanisation happens too fast for the city authorities to cope with. For example, the local authority may provide cheap building materials or a loan for residents to purchase them. The video below explores life in the favela of Rocinha.

Impacts of rapid urbanisation India’s economic changes have caused rapid urbanisation. The government ultimately want to improve existing shanty towns but do not want to encourage more to develop, however, the favelas are eyesores and portray a poor image of the city.

Opened inthe Teleferico do Alemao cable car system is the most obvious outward example of how the lives of people in Complexo do Alemao have been transformed by pacification. The plan to improve Dharavi is called Vision Mumbai. This approach has lower costs than Vision Mumbai and is more sustainable.

The money saved on labour can be spent on providing basic amenities such as electricity and water. Dharavi lies between two railway lines dharavu is one of the biggest squatter settlements in the world. Improving the quality of bitesjze and creating greater opportunities in rural areas may prevent people from migrating to urban areas. New arrivals to the city build their own houses out of basic materials such as tarpaulin, corrugated sheets and broken bricks, on land which they neither own nor rent.


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Each year thousands of people move to the city of Mumbai from rural areas. This can result in people working in poor conditions, for long hours and low pay.

dharavi case study bbc bitesize

Squatter settlements Mumbai is an important port city on the northwest coast of India and is the state capital of Maharashtra. People build their own homes using money from a low-interest loan.

Dharavi case study bbc bitesize –

In Brazil, as in many developing countries, local communities, charities and government departments are working together to improve conditions in favelas. Brazil is also an example of a newly biteaize country NIC. The increase in wealth is used to develop both secondary and university education, further increasing the skills base of the urban area.

dharavi case study bbc bitesize

Funding development and improvements to rural areas may help to improve conditions in the city as well. The Brazilian Government has realised that it cannot solve the housing problem bnc city favelas like Rio by destroying them.