Immerwahr centers his work around India and the Philippines as his case studies. Passage to statehood did come quickly in some cases, such as gold-rush California. Territories with no indigenous populations, such as Wake Island, are listed as unpopulated, although the United States often stationed military outposts on them. It set the Philippines free. While community development certainly did not achieve all that it sought to, it reshaped politics and development in a number of Third World countries, including the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Iran, Colombia, and Vietnam, not only spawning thousands of small-scale aid projects but also leading in some key cases to the democratization of local governments. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

But moving it into the non-state column changes little. Real change and improvement, the primary goals of community development, are not going to come without facing the critical issues of its motives and implementation that Immerwahr underscores. SHAFR members are now turning with great zeal toward military bases, extraterritoriality agreements, occupation zones, Indian polities, and colonies. Lincoln, NE, , esp. Writers, too, registered the change, as they cast about for new ways to refer to the country. As it gained power, it shed territory. With that, the United States was no longer a union of states alone but an amalgam of states and territories , which it has been ever since.

New York, The highest office in the U.

daniel immerwahr dissertation

It was but one in a long chain of violent acts undertaken by Puerto Rican nationalists under the leadership of Pedro Albizu Campos, arguably the most important domestic opponent of the U. For too long, historians, like cartographers, have accepted the logic of the Insular Cases.

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Not only was the occupation itself onerous, but the reconquest of those colonies by the United States was extraordinarily violent. Las Llamas de la Aurora2nd ed. It would be easy to round those points down to zero, just as it has been easy to round the western territories up to states.


daniel immerwahr dissertation

The son of a philosophy professor and theater director, Immerwahr began his academic career at Columbia University hoping New York City would kickstart a career as a jazz musician. The aim was to protect the lives of U. An Anatomy of the Dilemma New York, By its entry into the First World War inthe United States could appear on the global stage as an ideologically anti-colonial force, even though it still held a sizeable empire.

Territory dissertayion Empire in U. It also added to its colonial holdings in with the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: Microloans and similar grassroots economic programs are prime examples of the bottom-up development that Immerwahr discusses for empowering the people to create the development of their local communities.

Affected by every dissertaton and sociological factor imaginable, development is an ongoing issue with no clear, blanket solution in sight. A very good overview of bases and other points within the network of U. They shot five Congressmen, nearly killing one.

By then, it had reclaimed its Pacific colonies from Japan. Real change and improvement, the primary goals of community development, are not going to come without facing the critical issues of its motives and implementation that Immerwahr underscores.

From climate, to demographics, to political structures, there are too many variables by country and region disseftation impose a magical solution to poverty and wealth disparity.

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Additional research interests include the history of capitalism and intellectual history. Such an interest was not merely methodological: The country claimed 94 such islands, nearly all in the Caribbean and Pacific, by Embarking on his first book, Thinking Small, Immerwahr combines these interests to posit a resounding critique of community development as a political tool. This box map, from the inside cover of the edition of Allen C.


Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. With corruption we begin to see the political impact that social programs can elicit, a point which Immerwahr discusses at length in attacking the efficacy of government initiated development programs. Surely, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos died in the war. There is another aspect of the Second World War that deserves mention. Labor, Crime, Sex and Nation at U.

For permissions, please e-mail: We can see, better than we could before, how the territorial extensions of the United States matter today, and how they have mattered in the past.

Despite the obvious relevance of territorial issues to the most important events of the nineteenth century—it was the question of slavery in the territories that sparked the Civil War—we nevertheless find it easy to conceive of territories as embryonic states, and thus to touch only lightly on their subjugated status.

Working from an international archival base allowed me to situate aid programs within the political landscape of Asia, and to recognize the ways in which localist programs tended to uphold rural social hierarchies.

daniel immerwahr dissertation

A different but compatible accounting is offered in David Vine, Base Nation: Investigating their experiences has allowed me to tell a story about postwar aid that moves the focus away from high-ranking officials in Washington and puts it on the men and women with on-the-ground experience in international development.