Format checks take approximately 2 business days. DalSpace is an institutional repository that collects, preserves, and distributes digital content produced by members of the Dalhousie community. Copyright permission letters should appear in an appendix at the end of the thesis with any signatures removed. Complete Graduate Student Exit Survey. Once it is approved by FGS, it may take a few more days for the submission to be pushed through the system. They may also help you with the layout of your main thesis text. The following timeline is intended for doctoral candidates.

Do I have to register my PhD thesis title? These templates provide the format and content for preliminary pages included in all Dalhousie theses. The National Library circulates copies according to the International Inter-Library Loan Code, with full copyright protection for the author. Senior Thesis Clerk will meet you there. I just submitted my thesis to DalSpace. Day of Defence Arrive early. Follow all steps for submitting your thesis.

Master’s students should consult their department. Reprints may be included in the appendices. Confirm all members of examining committee will attend in person. Specific paper forms are required by FGS before the online submission of a thesis can be completed.

Dalhousie Feminist Seminar Series. We will complete your format check within two business days. Signatures – Please note that due to privacy regulations, electronic thesis files must not contain any signatures.


If borrowing equipment from FGS, i. Copyright permission letters submisslon appear in an appendix at the end of the thesis with any signatures removed. All thesis final submissions must be made through the Faculty of Graduate Studies office, and electronic submission to DalSpace is mandatory.

Dalhousie International Centre Campus Building. This means your thesis should be sent to FGS for delivery to the external examiner about six weeks before the scheduled defence date.

Binding Your Thesis – Faculty of Graduate Studies – Dalhousie University

If you are unsure if you need copyright permission, consult your supervisor. Format Checks All thesis students are required to submit a copy of their thesis to FGS for an initial format check before their thesis defence. Pages Liked by This Page. Interested students have the option of contacting a binding company directly.

dal fgs thesis submission

How long must the external examiner for a PhD thesis defence have the copy to read before my defence date? Where do I find information on ethics approval?

Formatting Your Thesis

For this purpose, electronic copies of your thesis in PDF format can be emailed to thesis. It is also a way to permanently preserve your work.

dal fgs thesis submission

Alicia Kirk thesis dal. DalSpace is an institutional repository that collects, preserves, and dzl digital content produced by members of the Dalhousie community. Attend thesis defences of other PhD candidates to get some idea what to expect. If all other requirements have been met for your degree, you do not need to register for the fall term.


Following Your Defence Submit required changes to your supervisor within the specified timeframe. Dalhousie University Faculty of Graduate Studies. After selecting the collection dgs next.

Select the collection from dropdown menu in the left pane. Begin discussing potential defence dates with your supervisor.

dal fgs thesis submission

What thexis do I need to get copyright permission for before I can use it in my thesis? What if I cannot get copyright permission before the defence? Please note your final submission will be reviewed for format prior to being accepted to DalSpace. If you have changed the room setup, return it to its original state Note the furniture in the Lord Dalhousie Room and Room of the Mona Submidsion Building cannot be moved.

Theses and Defences

Day of Defence Arrive early. Rowe School of Business at Dalhousie. Format checks take approximately 2 business days. Six Months Prior to Defence Begin preparing your thesis for presentation as a finished document.