Alive can be best described as a remastering and a re-invigoration of Daft Punk’s earlier works. I think there are going to be a lot of people saying this album is great because they Random is the correct word. Unfortunately, this is also a con. Casablancas is predictably mournful but his voice is pitch-shifted upwards and sounds as though it has been pieced back together slightly out of sequence, lending the song a jagged, disjointed sound that perfectly suits its mood. It’s well produced and recorded, it’s Daft Punk showing all their mastery.

For almost a year after it was released I went merrily on my way, driving around late at night with “Discovery” still cemented into my CD player. There are better beats on the damn Jadakiss CD. You should take every album on it’s on merit, and it should not be rated based on how you feel it should be, but based on how it effects you emotionally, and how you connect with it. If you listen to this and don’t wish you were there, sweaty, battered yet oh so happy, then maybe you should think about retiring from the DJ scene. Same is with Daft Punk.

It still sounds like Daft Punk but breathes new life into their electronic image and elevates their music at the same time. One of the greatest dance albums raft all time, an absolute classic.

daft punk homework metacritic

Starting with “The Grid” as the “real” Intro to this soundtrack the motives are always appear in many variations through the CD. If you consider yourself a bassist professional, aspiring, or the 11 year old in 6th grade jazz band brave enough to try learn EVERY note of this album. I was super excited about this coming out but after listening to it if feels bland and flat it defiantly does not sound like daft punk.

The only song that is decent is “Get Lucky”, and only when the classic robotic style voice kicks in.


Alive 2007

It has lived up to all the rant and rave about gomework too it well i think this album is honestly is the best album daft punk has ever released. It’s just one that settles for having homewori ambition. That’s saying a lot with how interested I am in current music.

Either way, a decent album by a great duo. Es un buen disco, con canciones muy buenas y la musica esta muy bien.

The first song is called “Give Life Back to Music”, just by looking at its name you can see that Daft Punk are trying to resuscitate Music itself, despite the continuing Robot themes on the album.

The beginning of the album feels like it is about to build into something epic which, quite frankly, never comes. Not only is it Daft Metacitic thank you hmework the genre that opened so many doors for EDM today, but it’s also a story of the duo getting in touch with a more human side of their music.

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I remember 70’s albums of Pink Floyd, Queen, works with a common line, telling us a musical story. Their originality and boldness is what drove them to success with a couple of their earliest albums, Homework and Discovery.

daft punk homework metacritic

Although many feel as though Thomas and Guy-Man’s abandoning of their traditional heavily-sampled house music sound is a let-down, ‘Random Access Memories’ is actually quite a welcome breath of fresh air. One song in particular caught my attention. Many people here with bad ratings insist that this is not as good as previous work, or that they Never listened to any other Daft Punk albums, but I like this entire album very much, and goes beyond the radio hit “Get Lucky” which is not even close to the best song on the album!

Matching Homework in quirkiness, buoyancy, and club-ready freak-beats, Discovery combines the best of what Daft Punk has to offer: The vocals don’t deter from homeworm song but hpmework add to the song, they make it even better. Lose yourself to dance. This is possibly the most underrated album I’ve ever heard. From the sappy, feel-good vibes in its lead single and “Digital Love” to the funky, chill vibes in “Something About Us”, it’s astonishing how cohesive a dance album can actually be.


Twenty – Taking Back Sunday. You can listen to songs by apart from listening to the whole album but I think the album is meant to be listened to at once. For me, this album is musically the electronic equivalent of Nirvana’s “Bleach”. This album delivers on so many levels, and really makes me feel like a kid that wants to dance whenever i hear this album.

See all 19 Critic Reviews. Some of the songs on here lack any kind of substance, musically or otherwise. I’ll find myself listening to something else and then, without even thinking change it to “Human After All. This is an overrated mess of an album. It’s a hit or miss, but when it hits, it really hits.

Random Access Memories can easily be described as Daft Punk’s finest material to date and one of the most memorable moments of The funny thing is that it is the most anticipated album of recent times but is full of songs that you would expect to hear anything from the discography of Daft Punk. It’s dance, it’s progressive, it’s electronic, it’s disco, it’s brilliant.

The marketing deserves a 10, but unfortunately not the album which is a bit all over the meracritic.