Risk Analysis Given the contract structure, benchmarking, rate of return calculation and off-taker assessment, write a short credit analysis report. Single Price Auction structure breaks down when there is a scarcity of supply Bi-lateral deals and forward contracting for blocks of energy is essential to reduce risks and guarantee adequate energy supplies. Yet as the number of participants in the hot market increased, discipline declined. Article on Political Pressure from the U. I am not interested in you just telling me what happened. In this final section I have included a couple of ideas that I think are important in project finance analysis.

The venture was deemed so successful that the government was encouraged to enter into more BOT power contracts and even enact the BOT law Republic Act that would allow Napocor to tap the private sector more effectively. Other Resources I have included a few other articles and case studies that you can read. These high prices did not result from limitations in the availability of natural gas at the wellhead or at market centers, as shown by the prices of natural gas at Henry Hub, Louisiana, the major market center. Explain the specific projects of your assigned role within the project. Those who developed pricing models could not predict the possibility of extreme scenarios outside of relatively narrow ranges. In the main market, the regulated wholesale price of electrical energy fell by 37 percent.

Although privatized companies became substantially more efficient, however, these gains were only transferred to customers in areas characterized by competition.

dabhol power project case study ppt

Should Price Caps be Implemented and if so, at what Level? Freeman says, utilities tried to keep plants running. Compute the Project IRR on a pre-tax basis using the capital expenditures in the first year as the cash output and the combination of the capacity charge and the management fee multiplied by the volumes as the cash flow input. These high prices did not result from limitations in dabhil availability of natural gas at the wellhead or at market centers, as shown by the prices of natural gas at Henry Hub, Louisiana, the major market center.


You can do this by using the file below or you can estimate the exchange rate using the graphs below. The Firehouse effect — Fireman with too much time agree on many things that an outside, impartial observer would find ludicrous.

In money markets, this would dahhol comparable to the DJI rising to 2,, or dropping to 50 pts, in a matter of a few days. And finally, FERC imposed price caps across the West, eliminating some loopholes and signaling a new, tougher stand against power suppliers. There is the re-investment rate. Failure to undertake regular maintenance of certain plants Postponed maintenance due to insufficient power reserve.

The suppliers may have tried to sell projct power casr the ISO or out-of-state buyers, cabhol to fetch a higher price.

Project Finance Case Study – Dabhol Power Plant – Edward Bodmer – Project and Corporate Finance

As a corollary, economics suggests that prices can move to short-run marginal when surplus capacity exists. You are welcome to read these comments in my case studies preliminary manuscript. Off-taker Analysis If a project revenue depends on a PPA contract, then risk analysis of the project finance should include: The graph of median housing prices in the U. Dhabol PPT power debacle. Can mechanisms be designed to avoid similar problems in other markets or is the problem casw to markets?

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Operations and Management Plan Phase poqer With over 30, presentation design templates to choose from, CrystalGraphics offers more professionally-designed s and templates power stylish backgrounds and designer layouts than anyone else in the world. Then you should add a couple of columns and you can make an analysis of the project IRR.


dabhol power project case study ppt

For a small fee you can get the industry’s best online privacy or publicly promote your presentations and slide shows with top rankings. The Global Financial Crisis, in Brief. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Enron Corporation was the main sponsor owner or equity investor and developer of the project. Since the crisis, IPPs and all private infrastructure sectors have been locked in ongoing disputes with the government regarding aggressive policies in the aftermath of the devaluation.

The spectacular collapse of the Californian power market in due mainly to design faults — has created the impression that liberalization of power markets is too risky for developing countries. The two tables below demonstrate premiums of the Enron plant compared with other plants.

Enron demanded three times the normal rate for supplying power from its Dabhol plant to re-start the stalled electricity stations.

However, until August the utilities had no right to enter bilateral contracts. In project finance there is a basic rule.

Or use it ppt find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do study new, also for free. That is more than three times the 5.

Enron was to develop and operate the plant. There is the theoretical problem of project casd discussed by McKinsey that almost never happens. I hope you think that both are important. MSEB’s stake is upped to 30 per cent per cent in the first phase, and a further 15 per cent upon completion of the project.