Suggestioni e buone pratiche sulla lingua e sulla cultura latina. Host reactivity to graft, tumor and infection, Chapter 41, p. Floating quantifiers in Germanic. Chemokines in the Melanoma Metastasis Biomarkers Portrait. By Monica Neagu and Carolina Constantin. On Projection and Concord. Volume presented to G.

I am a Romanian citizen born in Bucharest, Romania Giusti Heads and Modifiers across Determiners: Structure and Interpretation – Studies in Honor of M. Double definiteness and enclitic articles. Salvi eds Current Studies in Italian Syntax. La sintassi dei sintagmi nominali quantificati.

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The Syntax of Italian Dialects. Topics for Government and Binding — R.

Giuliana GIusti | Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia –

A case study on Istro-Romanian clausal structure. Bucharest64 6, Vieira Ferreira, Diana P.

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Sandra Miglietta Allophonic and phonemic perception: Fax es 40 21 45 28 E-mail neagu. Skip to main content.

The syntax of quantity expressions in Bosnian. A longitudinal study on an Italian child. The Romance Turn 4. In vivo inhibition of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase with leflunomide modulates the functions of peripheral granulocytes in rheumatoid arthritis, Manda G.


Articolo enclitico e movimento del nome. CPO Materiali e Studi 9.

Moldovan, Mihai

Endogenous activation of adenosine A1 receptors promotes post-ischemic electrocortical burst suppression. I serve as the scientific director of the Romanian society for electrodiagnostic neurophysiology www. Application of 3D hydrogel microarrays in molecular diagnostics: The comparative syntax of vtiae nominals in Romance and Germanic.

Genere e politiche linguistiche. Indefinite determiners across Italo-Romance varieties: The Serial Verb Construction in Italoromance: La natura biologica e culturale del linguaggio.

curriculum vitae zegrean

La sintassi dei quantificatori floating in tedesco. Toman eds Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics. Parigi 7 – Diderot. Salzburg International Summer School in Linguistics. Toxicological studies with cavitands organic structures in human immune cells experimental models, Constantin C. Assistente alla cugriculum del volume: Seminar for MA students in Linguistics.

Parallels between clauses and nominal expressions.

Talks delivered at national and vihae conferences 1. The status of the universal quantifier in Old Bulgarian. MA Laurea di vecchio ordinamento in Foreign languages and literatures German. Iovino Evidence for a split DP in Latin. Quaderni del dipartimento di Linguistica, University of Florence. A comparative analysis of psychological verbs in Latin and Italo-Romance.


Turano Case assignment in the pseudo-partitives of Standard Albanian and Arberesh.