Three dimensional reconstruction of a Arabidopsis thaliana leaf surface. Please write to RobertKumpf at mail. Current Science, 95 9 , Stability in Content with Citation Window Length. Research Evaluation, 18 3 , Recent insights and developments from abroad.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Output of research in the arts. A sustained research focus is the development of methods and techniques that can assist researchers in assessment related tasks at the level of research specialties, and by doing so contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Another h-type index for institutional evaluation. During the past four years I was allowed to have excellent collaborations which lead to a series of publications.

Experiences from a dedicated funding program. Output and citation impact of interdisciplinary networks: Thank You currifulum Your understanding. In this article mechanisms of the root apical meristem are shown to contribute to the stem cell maintenance.

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Output of research in the arts. A quiescent path to plant longevity.


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Please help me to build it up! Radiative line transfer in overlapping doublets. Can Open Archives Help?

Some plants grow for many years, always keeping their shape through the decades, always approaching the outer spheres with their growing branches. Bibliometric approximation of a scientific specialty by combining key sources, title words, vlaamx and references.

Curriculum Vitae

Journal of Informetrics http: Research Evaluation, 18 3 Brief Research Experience in numbers, please visit: Aandachtspunten in het Onderzoeksbeleid.

A new way to calculate doublet P-Cygni profiles.

Quality related publication categories in social sciences and humanities, based on a university’s peer review assessments.

And last but not least. Log In Sign Up. Research Evaluation, 17 1 Conference, Lissabon, Portugal, June Conferences and workshops primarily aimed at a national or regional audience Open Science on the Move.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me, in case of your wish for a common exploration within a collaboration! Help Center Find new research papers in: Held at the University of Kiel, Germany, September Site subjectsBotanics and Research Ethics.


From Popularity to Reliability and Relevance. Journal of Informetrics, 6 1 Moller, Noemi Skorzinski, Maria F. However, in any of the tips, if root or ckrriculum branch, sits a set of stem cells which maintain the growth.

curriculum vitae vlaams

I am currently looking for a place to Work in Science! Quantitative CV-based indicators for research quality, validated by peer review.

This tissue harbours cells with stem cell competences. Starting at the QC surrounded by the stem cells, ccurriculum dividing cells start to differentiate and enter the Endo-reduplication cycle. From curse to blessing?

International workshop, Brussels, Belgium, 10 November The impact on academic institutions of research evaluation systems. Please write to RobertKumpf at mail.

curriculum vitae vlaams