Reinhard Drobetz , Dr. Further experience could be. Co-applicant of SNSF grant: Curriculum vitae – CV. Again, we recommend two columns: A level diploma obtained at September 14,

Brain Imaging and Behavior. A computational neuroanatomical study. Vivian Roger Steiger Research topic Negative phantom limbs? Master Project Group Computational neuromorphometry. Choose one that is recent.

Franziska Klaey White matter correlates of delay of gratification in the healthy elderly. Genes, Brain and Behavior. Frontiers in Cognitive Science.

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References There is an unwritten law that says that references should not be listed on a resume if this is not explicitly mentioned in the job ad. Personal data Saturday, 24 September Preller Research topic Functional and structural brain correlates of motor imagery and fear of movements in patients with chronic back pain.

Neuropsychiatric vitaw ethical aspects of healthy limb amputation. The information must include. This applies to jobs for academics and scientists but also to jobs that require experience in editing, using various communication channels, or communications geared to a specific target group.

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Military service giving the length of the service and military rank; officers and above can cite military service as professional experience. Grey matter correlates of delay of gratification in the healthy elderly.


Brain Structure and Function.

White matter architecture in children with developmental dyscalculia DD – A dysconnection syndrome? On the left, enter general terms like sport, travel, reading, etc.

Studental representative in the vocation commission for a new professorship in General Psychology Focus on MotivationInstitute of Psychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland. I worked on a regular salary and temporary in different firms of different branches, e. The cortical network architecture of grapheme-colour synaesthesia: Structural brain correlates of delay of gratification DoG in the healthy elderly. Functional and structural brain correlates of rumination in unmedicated patients with major depressive disorder MDD.

Predicting anorexia nervosa as well as food-related and emotional stimuli based on brain activity measured with task-related functional magnetic resonance imaging. Karin Kaufmann Grey matter correlates of delay of gratification in the healthy elderly.

curriculum vitae uzh

List in the left hand column the languages you speak, and specify your written and spoken levels in the right hand uzb. In the column on the left, you can list terms such as data processing, graphics, audio, etc. Grey matter neuroplasticity in professional golf players: My reviewer profile on Publons.

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Application Photo If the job ad does not ask for a photo, you are free to decide whether to supply one or not. Filomena Sabatella White matter correlates of chronic trigeminal neuropathic pain. Do not select a photo that is five years old just because you particularly like it.


Sciences Animals and plants Long-playing records LPs Family and education Social systems and societies Environment protection Impartial local parliamentarian parteiloser Einwohnerrat of the town of Liestal from to Ladina Bezzola Anatomical correlates of longterm plasticity in professional female ballet dancers.

Research topic Structural and functional brain correlates associated with emotion processing in Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. The desire for healthy limb amputation – Structural and functional brain correlates of xenomelia. Never provide a full-body shot. vittae

curriculum vitae uzh

Longitudinal evaluation of cortical and subcortical architecture and functional and structural connectivity in patients with mild traumatic brain injury mTBI during rehabilitation: If everything seems to be connected cirriculum The potential of network analyses as exemplified in synaesthesia.

Categorize your duties and functions into fields of activity e.