Translation – Hungarian 2. All leave to be allowed to the Personnel is included in the staff-months of service set forth in Appendix C. We, the undersigned, offer to provide the consulting services for [Title of consulting services] in accordance with your Request for Proposal dated [Date] and our Proposal. This is used only in the event the patient may have one or both eyes that are difficult to capture for eye tracking. It may not be practicable at the meeting to answer questions received late, but questions and responses will be transmitted in accordance with the following sub-clause.

The wrong words are highlighted. Translation – English 1. Preference for Domestic Bidders This concept of rinsing provides sufficient rinsing for the parts and eventually will save the rinsing water. Measurements of parts Maximal covering of the parts on the hinge – l x w x h xx mm The thickness of the material of the parts should be maximum 5 mm.

Name of the medicinal product name, strength, pharmaceutical form: One lozenge stick in a box. In both cases the selected firm is invited for negotiations.

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Studied Hungarian, Slovak, Russian and German languages at school and general subjects in Hungarian and Slovak languages for 9 years. MA degree – teacher of English and Russian language and literature -from the largest university in Hungary: Use and evaluation of TAT tests, for children too; Special psychology literature articles translated for clinical psychologists and pedagogical psychologist dealing with problematic children.

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If there are no such changes or additions, delete this Clause SC 5. Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices Use of antibiotic supplemented Brilliant Green Agar is made necessary because the pre-enrichment of the sewage in phosphate buffered peptone PBP water will encourage not only the growth of stressed salmonellae but many vitxe organisms. The Consultants shall thereupon promptly make any necessary corrections, and upon completion of such corrections, the foregoing process shall be repeated.


XXX shall do its best for the sake that the fees are paid by the deadlines. As a far simpler, we recommend the installation of a pyrolysis furnace that complies with all the legal regulations concerning the flow facility and is universal for all the types of KTL paints and powder paints.

Diploma Supplement – Hungarian translation – Linguee

Translation – English 1 Product name: If duplication of a subject is inevitable in the different sections of the documents, the Employer should exercise care to avoid contradiction or conflict between clauses dealing with the same topic. Mnita for the following tell-tale signs: All the parts shall be preliminarily treated by Zn-phosphate, and then shall be cataphoretically varnished and after the cataphoretic varnishing, some parts shall be powder-varnished.

Any amount which ccurriculum Client has paid or caused to be paid in accordance with this Clause in excess of the amounts actually payable in accordance with the provisions of this Contract shall be reimbursed by the Consultants vittae the Client within thirty 30 days after receipt by the Consultants of notice thereof. The total duration of therapy is determined by the type and severity of the infection and the clinical response of the patient.

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If there is to be no restriction on the future use of these documents by either Party, this Clause SC 3. One Bid per Bidder 13 7. The varnished parts in the coating mass and from it are under electric current.

  M102 HOMEWORK 2.1

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Then a solution of Mini-jack for stereo 3. Replace the battery compartment cover. It should take place concurrently with the Site visit, if any see Curricuulm 8.

This option is only available for NTSC audio-visual sources. If there are no effectiveness conditions, delete this Clause SC 2.

Paediatric patients on haemodialysis The maggyarul is divided into two stages: If negotiations fail, the Client will invite the firm whose proposal received curdiculum second highest score to negotiate a Contract. In this way, the fibrous caps become thinner and weaker. Contamination of parts The contamination of the parts was not defined. Protect the power cord from being tread upon or pinched, particularly at the plug, and the point where if emerges from the equipment.

In the remaining 69 FH families, people were clinically diagnosed with FH, and The Services shall be deemed completed and finally accepted by the Client and the final report and final statement shall be deemed approved by the Client as satisfactory ninety 90 calendar days after receipt of the final report and final statement by the Client unless the Client, within such ninety 90 -day period, gives written notice to the Consultants specifying in detail deficiencies in the Services, the final report or final statement.

Terms of Reference 45 Section 6.

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