It occurred on 1 May However, Prodi announced he was pulling out of the race for President after more than centre-left electors did not vote for him as he received only of votes needed to be elected. Though facing strong opposition from the centre-right coalition, the vote resulted in a — victory. Prime Minister of Italy — On 19 April , Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation ruled that Prodi had indeed won the election, winning control of the Chamber of Deputies by only 24, votes out of more than 38 million votes cast, and winning seats in the Senate to for Berlusconi’s coalition. Views Read Edit View history.

On election day, Prodi’s Olive Tree coalition won over Berlusconi’s Pole for Freedoms, becoming the first coalition composed of a post-communist party to win a general election since the Second World War. Views Read Edit View history. After spending part of his childhood in Strasbourg [4] he completed his schooling in Italy at the liceo classico Galileo Galilei in Pisa. Associated Press , 25 February Italian prime minister interview”. La Repubblica in Italian.

Most of the party leaders claimed a result of 1 million voters would be a good success for the election, but over four million people for the occasion went to cast a vote in the primary election.

Retrieved 15 November In spite of the fear of many senators that Prodi’s defeat would return Silvio Berlusconi to power, the Senate did not approve a motion backing Prodi’s government foreign policy, two votes shy of the required majority of In early JanuaryJustice Minister and Union of Democrats for Europe ‘s leader Clemente Mastella resigned after his wife Sandra Lonardo was put under house arrest for corruption charges. Retrieved 3 June Prodi spoke to the Italian parliament’s commission about the case in Prodi himself led the merger of the two parties, which had been planned over a twelve-year period, and became the first President of the party.

David Sassoli — Patrizia Toia —present.


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Monti also announced that he would be giving up his own salary as part of the reforms. As well as the enlargement and Amsterdam Treaty, the Prodi Commission also saw the signing and enforcement of the Treaty of Nice as well as the conclusion and signing of the European Constitution: At around the masskmo time, Justice Vitxe Clemente Mastellaof the coalition member UDEUR Populars, said he would rather see the government fall than support its unwed couples legislation.

Vitas 8 June Monti was sworn in as Prime Minister on 16 Novemberjust a week after having been appointed a Senator for Life by President Napolitano, and initially became Minister of Economy and Finances as well, giving that portfolio up the following July.

Until now, he is the first progressive candidate to ever come first at legislative elections since and to manage to form a government without the need of opponents’ parliamentary support. Prodi’s appointment was somewhat delayed, as mazsimo outgoing President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampiended his mandate in May, curriculmu having enough time for the usual procedure consultations made by the President, appointment of a Prime Minister, the motion of confidence and oath of office.

Views Read Edit View history. Commission of the Economic Community — He was also a member vite the French government’s Attali Commission from to[6] [60] appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy to provide recommendations to enhance economic growth in France.

Retrieved 21 November Wikimedia Commons has media related to Romano Prodi.

High Authority of the Coal and Steel Community — Retrieved 22 December Shortly before the end of his term as President of the European Commission, Prodi returned to national Italian politics at the helm of the enlarged centre-left coalition, The Union. Emma BoninoRomano Prodi.

Enrico Letta

Prime Ministers of Italy. As nassimo, he promoted a law, known as “Prodi law’, which aimed a regulating of the extraordinary state administration procedure for the rescue of large enterprises in crisis. However, there were rumours of supporters of the House of Freedoms trying to participate in the elections, and vote in favour of Mastella, reputed to be the least currriculum of the candidates and the least likely to win against Berlusconi, other than the most centrist; other rumours indicated such “fake” left-wing voters would vote for Bertinotti, because his leadership would likely lose any grip on the political centre.


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When his mandate expired, Prodi returned to domestic politics. A former professor of economics and international advisor to Goldman SachsProdi ran in as lead candidate of The Olive Tree coalition, winning the general election and serving as Prime Minister of Italy until In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Minutes after the PD national committee backed the Renzi’s proposal by votes to 16, with two abstentions, Palazzo Chigi — the official residence of the prime minister masdimo said Letta would be going to the Quirinale on Friday to tender his xalema to Giorgio Napolitano.

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Minister of Industry — On 24 Januaryhe lost a vote of confidence in the Senate house and consequently tendered his resignation as Prime Minister to Italian President Giorgio Napolitanobut he continued in office for almost four months for routine business, until early elections were held and a new government was formed.

Presidents of the European Council.

curriculum vitae di massimo dalema

On 2 AprilProdi and other teachers at the University of Bologna passed on a tip-off that revealed the whereabouts of the safe house where the kidnapped Aldo Masximothe former Prime Minister, was being held captive by the Red Brigades.