I am co-author of the Red book of the Chuvash Republic about birds and butterflies. I’m interested in song learning of oscines and in call functions in general. I record the sounds of the forest including birds. I have been studying them in several locations of Ecuador. I am a biologist from Spain. Introduced in field Biology at Donana National Park

No doubt I’ll be on the forum s trawling for advice in due course I am a Biology student, with Major in Ecology and Evolution. Im a forester working in State Forests. From our discovery hikes of the last six years in North America and South Africa, my wife, Rebecca Roche, and I built the following website with some sounds and images we captured in nature. In some other universe, I see myself as a field biologist! I have been watching birds for 40 years, since I was fourteen years old. Argentina, Brasil y Uruguay.

I go to R wanadoo about every two years and would like to do recording out there.

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I am slovakian birder and also herper who has studied biology and zoology in Bratislava Slovakia and is interested beside others in observing birds, reptiles and mammals in wild nature, wild nature itself, travelling and nature protection in which I am currently working as well. When I can find the time I hope to contribute a great deal more to Xeno Canto. I have extensive knowledge of bird species from West Africa perspective.

I specialize in the ecology of forest birds. Some times my wife replaces the human section. I record the sounds of the forest including birds.


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It seems to be a good and light equipment to start. Current research interests include a long-term study of multiple tern species on Aruba, and biodiversity conservation and monitoring using bio-acoustic techniques based on species and individual signalling vocalisations derived from digital sound and neural networks analysis.

My gear at the moment is a Sound Devices and a Telinga 22″ parabola with a Sennheiser mkh Amoureuse des oiseaux depuis plus de 30 ans, chrriculum font toujours partie de ma vie: I’m a Virginia reviewer for eBird, have been on various bird record committees, zoogecnista have worked on various short-term bird research projects including breeding bird atlases and surveys for government and NGOs.

Would be nice to migrate them to XC. I’m a computer scientist at the natural history museum in Berlin, currjculum on “science in society”.

I’m happily condemned for life to a passion for birds. Pour toutes utilisations des sons: Soy un fanatico observador de aves y disfruto escuchando sus cantos. My interest is on animal ecology and ornithology. Votae I retired from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources following a career of 30 years as a wildlife biologist and 8 years as chief of the Wildlife Diversity nongame Program.

Mi nombre es Franco Vushurovich. Self taught painter, now working as actor in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, India.

curriculum vitae de ingeniero agronomo zootecnista

I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I try to avoid or minimise filtering because I inveniero it can alter the songs. The majority of my original recordings made on tapes as well as many of my more recent digital recordings are deposited at the National Sound Archive at the British Library in London. Although I am an Architect by profession my long time avocation is Birding.


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If you intend to use my recordings for general publications or ornithological research, please contact me at zoothera yahoo. Although not a very dedicated sound recorder, I do hope to make some worthwhile contributions to the site.

I have been recording nature sounds since the ‘s. My second passion is sharing the little I know zotoecnista kids, trying to take their heads off from the square screens and happily plug them to Real-Life!

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Eventually I found this web site and it has been a great pleasure going through the archive of so many wonderful sounds. I bird mostly in Texas but have travelled extensively in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America.

Beginner in birds recording. Organizing and guiding Safaris in Namibia sinceI am also fond of birds and passionated by all natural sounds. Now using Zoom H1n simple and H2n vittae sophisticated! I am founder and webmaster of www.