On the relationship between national and ethnic identity. A selection committee comprising of AASP past-presidents will review the applications. Summer School is an opportunity for young and aspiring PhDs to be mentored by international experts in psychology, create a network of like-minded colleagues and friends, experience a research-intensive and interactive school environment and enjoy what the host city has to offer. Negative trait attributions affect procedural preferences and account for situational and cultural differences. The selection procedure is:. Though they usually do not support causal explanations with some noteworthy exceptions , they sometimes provide evidence that helps reduce the range of plausible alternative explanations of results, and thus, can prove to be of real value.

His current research focusses on issues of urban multilingualism and multiculturalism. During the Summer School there can be separate communal sleeping arrangements for women and men if so desired as we will have 2 big shared sleeping areas. Asian Journal of Social Psychology , 9 3 , Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 17 x ,. Topics to be covered depending on the interests and level of experience of workshops participants include identifying a specific research focus, recruiting and developing resources such as interview guides and mapping exercises for engaging participants in dialogue, engaging with research participants, analysing qualitative materials, targeting appropriate research outlets journals , and writing qualitative research papers. How to apply for the Park Jung-heun and Jung Tae-gon Awards Applicants should have completed or be near completion of their doctoral dissertation and should be below the age of

Communication is regarded as an essential part of providing patient-centred care and is associated with a range of positive outcomes for patients including patient and family aap, compliance with treatment, improved clinical outcomes, and enhanced prevention Ruben, Prof Darrin Hodgetts Massey and Dr.


It is proposed that we collect data of various kinds to assess VUM and its impact see methods below.

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Asian Journal of Aas; Psychology8 3 She is interested in both health practitioner-patient communication and interprofessional practice, with a particular interest in giving voice to those from non-dominant groups. A dilemma of politics and culture rooted in history.

Following primary and mid-secondary education in Kenya, he migrated to the UK to complete his secondary education.

Dr Wendy Li and Professor Darrin Hodgetts will mentor workshop participants in designing and implementing qualitative research into fear of ageing. His current research focusses on issues of urban multilingualism and multiculturalism. This workshop will explore how participants can research the fear of ageing using qualitative methods that are anchored in cultural concepts. Asian Journal of Social Psychology13 4 He has published 20 books, and more than papers and book chapters.

A selection committee comprising of AASP past-presidents will review the applications. The length of this paper aaasp be between 4, words. Evidence from Hong Kong Chinese perceivers. He has served as liaison scientist for the U.

Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 17 x. Two faces of interdependence: Sik Hung Ng, Cynthia S. Currlculum has a strong interest in the translation of research for communication skills training and improvements in healthcare delivery, as well as students undertaking work placements.

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In such restricted contexts, which are more common than those supporting RCTs, quasi-experimental designs sometimes are employed. The winning papers will be considered for the publication in the Progress in Asian Social Psychology Series. Folk theory of social change.


His publications to date reflect a societal orientation to social science that spans social, health, liberation, critical and community psychologies; as well as Human Geography, Urban Studies, Public Health, Media and Communication Studies, Sociology, and Indigenous Studies.

It provides interesting challenges and opportunities for intercultural communication, social cohesion and education. To that end, many good educational programs pro vide opportunities for training and experience in conducting and evaluating true experiments or randomized controlled trials [RCTs], as they sometimes are called.

Role of self-construal in relational, individual and collective coping styles and health outcomes. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 15 x.

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Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 16 x. Interested applicants need to submit page research summary of their dissertation or research paper in which they are the principal investigator and which they will present at the AASP conference.


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Awardees must attend the conference curriiculum receive the award. He has worked his entire career promoting the development of psychology indigenous to Asia, and set up this fund through generous contributions from individuals in Taiwan.

Asian Journal of Social Psycholog y Vol. Each committee member evaluates each paper in the list on a five point scale five being the highest score. Research Streams Research Stream 1: