A summary of the results that students must obtain to continue with the next part of the course is available at this link. This should be specified in the lab handout. There are a number of reasons why it may not be possible to submit on time, please refer to the Rearranging coursework and allowances guidelines for guidance. You must therefore ensure that you:. Interim – Yes Final – No or up to 4 days, in exceptional circumstances. Most ExAs are designed to introduce you to various measurement and test procedures in your chosen professional area, but non-technical options also exist, such as the Language ExA.

Students will be emailed to check the list, and any queries must be made by Wednesday week 5 at the latest, by email to the relevant lab coordinator: Skip to main content. This is essential to complete the activity in the allocated time. Having checked that a lab is suitable, you should complete the experimental work early in the term and submit the lab report no later than week 6. Teaching in the modules is seminar based, to encourage interaction and participation.

This is in order to determine reasonable extensions to deadlines, or to agree a reduced or alternative submission of project work, as appropriate.

Students registered to these courses are automatically enrolled at the start of the course and can engage in the course activities, including coursework submission when appropriate.

Activity Deadline extension Marks Lab experiments and management exercises Yes Yes, but not if it is possible to reschedule.

How to apply The number of places is limited to 40 p. Students who participate diligently in all stages of the exercise will gain the full 20 cyed. Guidance on report writing Part II coursework is assessed not only on technical content but also on report-writing and exposition skills. Some projects have pre-requisite modules and will assume certain background knowledge.


You must submit a total of two full technical reports, at least one of which must be in the Michaelmas corsework. Part IIA projects Students are expected to complete as much as possible cuex the work associated with their two projects, but the four week timetable imposes tight constraints. A summary of the results that students must obtain to continue with the next part of the course is available at this link. The department provides a generic feedback sheetbut Lab Leaders are encouraged to provide a module specific feedback sheet if they would like to use different criteria.

Please check the guidelines from the Curd Leader for that respect. Contact information for module leaders and lab leaders is available on the syllabus page.

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Regular consultations will be required until the project is back on track. A Cambridge Master of Engineering degree MEngwith the appropriate choice of modules in Part II, provides exemption from part or all of the examination requirements at all the principal institutions although a number of coursewotk of practical training and responsible experience are also required for corporate membership.

We are especially insistent that all original readings are retained and submitted in your report. Rules Please refer to the guidance on Engineering Areas for advice on module choices. In both the third year and cuedd fourth year, the list of modules available will be subdivided into approximately twenty sets.

If you do complete more than eight eligible pieces of coursework, your best eight marks will be carried forward towards your Part IIA coursework credit total. Failure to submit any reports on a project will be treated in the same way as a missed examination: How to find out more The MET website contains full information about the course.

You must therefore ensure that you:. Any additional supervision must be authorised in advance by your Director of Studies.

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Some modules may substitute a written exercise or essay for the full technical report. You will have the opportunity to update your modules during the long vacation, and again when you return in October.


During the Easter term, students undertake 2 projects. Staff courseworrk it very seriously and every year it leads to real changes, for example:. See the report writing guide for generic guidance.

cued part iia coursework

The report itself should be typed or word processed to a professional standard — FTRs are assessed for quality of presentation as well as technical content. Institution of Mechanical Engineers Membership benefits.

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In most cases, reports are collected in, marked and returned with iis feedback sheet. During the Easter term, a consolidated list of coursework credit marks will be displayed in the foyer of the Baker Building and there will coyrsework an opportunity to rectify any clerical errors that have arisen. For examination purposes, all your Part IIA module coursework has to be available for inspection by the External Examiners. You may also use the dedicated, anonymous fast feedback facility for Part IIA supervisions.

Applications for coursework in Michaelmas and Lent Terms must be made on an Allowance form and received by one week after the end of the relevant Full Term.

cued part iia coursework

Sign up for your ExA and get any fixed commitments sorted before signing up for the remaining experiments. Having checked that a lab is suitable, you should complete the experimental work early in the term and submit the lab report no later than week 6.