Students may also add their names to a wait list if a class is full and space is available on the waitlist. Students who withdraw during the first three weeks of instruction are not considered enrolled for the current semester. Secondary Education Toggle Secondary Education. A grade and appropriate grade points are recorded on the student’s permanent record. Social Work Toggle Social Work.

Undeclared and special majors must receive the approval of the dean of Undergraduate Studies. For certification under the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of Public Law 89— , undergraduates must register for and complete 12 or more semester units of credit to receive maximum benefits. Any student admitted to a class as an auditor will not be permitted to obtain credit by examination for that class. Readmitted Students who have been absent from San Francisco State for two full semesters excluding Summer and Winter Sessions , or who have attended another college or university during their absence, must have applied and been readmitted to the University by the undergraduate or graduate Admissions Office. Courses taken through Open University that earn extension units are included in this limitation, as are courses taken through military programs, such as MCI or Dantes.

International Relations Toggle International Relations. Registration is complete only when all fees, deposits, and charges are paid.

Policies and Procedures < San Francisco State University

For purposes of Veterans and Dependents of Veterans Educational Benefits for graduate students, each upper-division and graduate-level course courses numbered and above is worth 1. Auditors are subject to the same fee structure as credit students, and regular class attendance is expected.

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Registration at San Francisco State is divided into distinct time periods as outlined below. All students may be required to meet new requirements imposed by the Trustees of the California State University or by the California State Legislature.


Concentration in Print and Online Journalism. Bachelor sfzu Science in Nutrition and Dietetics: Concentration in Physics for Teaching. Each lower-division course courses numbered — is worth 1 unit.

Additional information may be obtained from Financial Aid. All other majors must receive the approval of their advisor and the dean of the college in which they are a major. Enrollment as an auditor is subject to permission of the instructor provided that enrollment in a thinming as an auditor shall be permitted only after students otherwise eligible to enroll on a credit basis have had an opportunity to do so.

Environmental Studies Toggle Environmental Studies. Exceptions to this policy require the consent of the department chair in which the course is offered and the college dean of that college. Early Priority Registration is available in fall, spring, and summer terms. All units attempted, and all grade points after the repeat limit has been reached, will be included in the student’s cumulative totals.

critical thinking challenge exam sfsu

The instructor may consider regular attendance when assigning grades. There is normally no statutory period for units required for an undergraduate degree at SF State. Students who exceed the minimum number of units required to graduate may be monitored and asked to file an approved degree completion plan each year until they graduate. Concentration in Decision Sciences. If such holidays occur during the first two weeks of the semester, the afsu must notify the instructor, in writing, at least three days before the date that they will be absent.

Policies and Procedures

Computer Science Toggle Computer Science. Per immigration regulations, foreign students are required to be continuously enrolled every semester. Credit by examination may not be counted towards the residence requirement thunking the University.


The class level of students is determined according to units completed earned units as follows:. College dean approval is always required if withdrawal is in the last three weeks of the semester. Bachelor of Arts in Physics: Registration Policies All students who register at San Francisco State University in resident study for either the fall or spring semester must first be admitted to the University by the Admissions Office.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: The policy is available at http: Undergraduate students may repeat a maximum of 16 units of coursework taken at San Francisco State University for the purpose of excluding the original grade from grade point determination i.

Variable topic courses are excluded only when topics vary. Nursing majors who participate in the Advanced Placement Option for Registered Nurses are required to file a Petition to Exceed the Maximum Unit Policy for Undergraduate Students if their total unit load for any given semester exceeds 19 units, including all units earned through the advanced placement credit by examination option for that semester. Sexuality Studies Toggle Sexuality Studies.

Students who want to include grades for the current or recently ended term should check that these grades are recorded on their unofficial transcripts before ordering their official transcripts.