When using for the first time, a full word or phrase, together with its abbreviation in bracket except for standard measurement units , must be mentioned. References should preferably be of the last five years, including some published in the recent past. References in the text, tables and legends are identified by Arabic numerals within parenthesis. The writing of dissertation must be planned in such a way that continuity of the theme is maintained. Share this Page FB.

In Vancouver style for detail refer to page At the end of abstract, three to ten key words are identified and written. The title does not contain any abbreviation, chemical formulae, proprietary names and jargons etc. How many patients will be included. Each table must be typed or computer-printed with double space, on a separate page.

Before writing introduction in the dissertation, the trainee should study relevant literature retrieved from published papers. Dissrtation Objectives are statements of intentions. It must clearly state the purpose of the study.

Additional components are acknowledgement which is optional and the References. Objective should start with an action verb and be sufficiently specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound SMART.

CPSP Synopsis for Dummies

The data should be reported in sufficient detail to justify the conclusions. Introduction It is second section of the dissertation that presents the specific problem under study and reflects: A brief statement about what statistical procedures have been used.

It is definition of a term specifically telling how it will be measured for e. The date of submitting Dissertation is given at the lowest end of the title page. Structured Abstract It is the first section of the dissertation.


CPSP Synopsis for Dummies

Mention the name of the appropriate study design. If quoted, these must be given within inverted commas with full acknowledgment. A comprehensive review of the current status of knowledge on the selected topic must be included. These are as follow: All interventional studies ii.

cpsp dissertation topics list

Number of subjects in the study at its inception. Symbols and abbreviations, if used, must be explained in the footnote of each table. A special effort should be made to collect and review all work done in Pakistan on the chosen topic.

The complete title of the manuscript, the name of the authors with their highest qualifications, the department or institution to which they are attached, address for correspondence with telephone numbers and fax number, if possible. Measurement, units of length, height, weight and volume mentioned in the dissertation must be in metric system i.

It is meant to fit the results of current research work into pre-existing pool of knowledge.

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On what bases will patients be excluded from the study. The CPSP dissertation is a document that contains relevant details of the research work conducted by the fellowship trainee relating to the problem selected.

cpsp dissertation topics list

Key words are included with structured abstract. The writing of dissertation must be planned in such a way that continuity of the theme is maintained. Colored photographs are to be preferred. Statistical terms, abbreviations and symbols must be defined. Such an article must have the name of trainee as the first author. If tables, figures, diagrams, photographs, photomicrographs or any other type of illustrations are reproduced from published literature, they must be properly acknowledged in the dissertation.


It must be mentioned whether the hypothesis in the article is true, false or no conclusions can derived. List of Abbreviations A list of all the abbreviations used in the dissertation along with full words is written on separate page s and numbered in Roman numerals.

Photomicrographs, if included in the dissertation, must have internal scale markers and symbols, arrows or letters in contrast to the background. Reply to this Message Re: The trainees should not forget to mention the names of there colleagues, statisticians, the computer operator and spouse, if applicable, as well as the supervisor.

Mention the name of statistical test and software program wherever applied. When using for the first time, pist full word or phrase, together with its abbreviation in bracket except for standard measurement unitsmust be mentioned.