In addition, the following important points have been noted regarding objections:. A comprehensive review of the current status of knowledge on the selected topic must be included. The title should be written on the top in bold letters, followed by full name of trainee in the order of first, middle, initial and last name alongwith the highest academic degree. This is the best place to show gratitude and appreciation. Type of sampling technique employed.

It is important to be careful that the conclusions should not go beyond data and should be based on the study results and population. Free hand lettering is not accepted. The abstract is a brief account of the dissertation, summarizing the information given in each major section. Share this Page FB. Teaching students to write effectively has been a major concern in education for many years. However the CPSP Council needs to be commended for having given an option to the postgraduates to publish two scientific papers after getting their synopsis approved in the CPSP recognized medical journals instead of writing a Dissertation.

Violation of this rule, will render the trainee liable to punitive action by CPSP, which may include cancellation of Fellowship. All original articles topica have a structured abstract. The contents of the tables should not be repeated in the text. List of Tables All the tables of dissertation are listed together with titles and page numbers in this section.

Dissertation List (CPSP)

The objective of writing a dissertation is to develop skills in fellowship trainees for: It is meant to fit the results of current research work into pre-existing pool of knowledge. The abstract should be in structured form and should have headings of objective, design ,settings, subjects, interventions if applicable ,main outcome dissertatioon results and conclusions. It is definition of a term specifically telling how it will be measured for e.


Rationale of the study should be mentioned at the end of introduction. It is different from the conclusion and identifies the basic contents of the dissertation.

Colored photographs are to be preferred. To facilitate further, the CPSP has now approved some more journals. These are as follow: Relevant details naming software to be used, which descriptive statistics and which test of significance if and when required, specifying variables where it will be applied.

cpsp dissertation topics

If quoted, these must be given within inverted commas with cpsl acknowledgment. Statistics describing the study population, and the number of subjects who were excluded. It must identify the importance of study, its relevance and applicability of results. The conclusions should be linked with the objectives of the study.

PakMediNet – Guidelines for Synopsis and Dissertation Writing

In addition, the following important points have been noted regarding objections:. If there were groups how many per group? A synopsis must have the following headings: It is written on separate page s and numbered in Roman numerals. The exact name of the software and its version used topiics also be mentioned. Review of Literature Review of the literature is essential.


The importance of the topic selected The rationale of the study and discusses the background. Only standard abbreviations are used in the dissertation.

cpsp dissertation topics

The limitations of the study should be discussed, including possible sources of bias and how these problems might affect conclusions and generatizability. This is also important for indexing the study. Key words are included with structured abstract.

The statistical tests mentioned in the dissertation must have proper references to enable dissertatkon assessor or reader to disseftation the reported results. The complete title of the manuscript, the name of the authors with their highest qualifications, the department or institution to which they are attached, address for correspondence with telephone numbers and fax number, if possible.

CPSP Synopsis for Dummies

Problems encountered by postgraduate trainee during dissertation writing Jahanzaib Haider. The abstract is around pages words written under the following headings: The CPSP will get it bound permanently after acceptance. The dedication is written in the center of a separate page in one or two lines and numbered in Roman numerals.

The implications for clinical practice, in any specific directions for future research may be offered. Objectives Objectives are statements of intentions.