With a variety of new requirements detailed in EU MDR, integrating the clinical, regulatory, and post-market documentation is a difficult and confusing task for both small and large organizations. MAH name and brand name; eCTD Identifier if applicable ; Sequence number if applicable ; “Protected B” Footnote 4 ; Virus-free certification, the software used for the virus check, and the date of the virus definition file or files; and Month and year of filing. The concept of the PSUR Worksharing project is that all veterinary medicinal products with the same active ingredient or a fixed combination of active ingredients , may maintain the same Data Lock Point for the compilation of PSURs. See below for full contact information. For more information, please see our MDR transition webpage.

EU MDR is comprehensive and complex. The EU initiative is just the beginning. The repository will act as the single point for all submissions including responses and supplementary information. Questions are grouped by key theme. How to write one for CE Marking. Not only is PMS defined in Article 2 60 , it is listed as one of the general obligations of all manufacturers new Article 10 , it is also one of the topics specifically called out for monitoring by the person responsible for regulatory compliance new Article

With graphical analyses and links to processes such as PSUR and clinical evaluation.

The new Regulations on lletter and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices Please note that guidance for stakeholders to implement the medical devices regulations is now available on a dedicated page.

The Department is moving towards implementation in Canada in order to align with international best practices and reduce the burden on industry by allowing them to submit either a Periodic Safety Update Report PSUR or a PBRER cober satisfy the applicable regulatory requirements in Canada.

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It is important that PDF files be properly bookmarked. Most significant regulatory change in Europe in over 20 years! The time is ticking for the device manufacturers to ensure data, documentations, processes and systems meet requirements.


PSUR Repository and eSubmission Gateway Updated

Ensure that procedures are in place to keep series production in conformity with the EU MDR requirements. Regulations equivalent to EU ones are in place for critical aspects of pharmacovigilance. MAH name and brand name; eCTD Identifier if applicable ; Sequence number if applicable ; “Protected B” Footnote 4 ; Virus-free certification, the software covee for the virus check, and the date of the virus definition file or files; and Month and year of filing.

Gap assessmen t b etw een you r ex istin g d esign d leter men ts e. The cover letter should indicate the submission type [for example e. Following this short trip to India, we would like to consecrate ourselves to the European PSUR in detail as there are also sufficient abbreviations for potentially causing confusion.

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EU-wide standardisation of the test certificates issued by the notified bodies — MDR certificate; introduction of a mechanism for scrutiny: If the device conforms to the relevant provisions of MDR medical device regulation, the notified body shall issue an EU technical documentation assessment certificate.

As a marketing authorisation holder you are requested to consult these documents.

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To ensure that all medical devices are effective and safe, and can be freely traded throughout the EU, a ll these devices will have to undergo an independent assessment of safety and performance.

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Irish Medtech Skillnet in association with Meddev Solutions Limited are delighted to offer a 2-day overview and application of the Medical Device Regulation. Check if your device is a medical device according to MDR.

Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs)

In preparing the annual summary report, the manufacturer shall determine, on the basis of the analysis referred to in subsection 2whether there has been a significant change in what is known about the risks and benefits of the drug during the period covered by the report and shall include its conclusions in this regard in the summary report.


April 9, Our file number: Are Pharmaco- and Medical Device Vigilance the same? The manufacturer shall prepare an annual summary report of all information relating to adverse drug reactions and serious adverse drug reactions to the drug that it received or became aware of during the previous 12 months.

Before placing a medical device on the European market, manufacturers need to produce technical documentation providing evidence of conformity with the relevant legislation. Although the interpretation of many requirements remain coveg and there are no additional legal acts so far, the transitional period.

AstraCon lwtter specialists in quality management cove regulatory affairs for the pharmaceutical, the IVD, and the MedTech industry. After a prolonged and difficult political process, agreement has finally been reached over the new European Union Medical Device Regulation MDRwhich was approved by the European Parliament on April 5, and was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on May 5, We offer a lettee hand to support our clients with letger time consuming tasks and provide support with the compilation of the documentation necessary.

PSUR Repository and eSubmission Gateway Updated – AMPLEXOR

For inquiries related to electronic format, please contact Health Canada using the following e-mail address: What main points need to be considered? Duplicate copies are not required.

Clinical evaluation and market observation according to MDR. MAHs should therefore maintain an awareness of the current status of the list which is reviewed on a monthly basis.

There are several changes in this new regulation. These documents are regularly updated.