That’s a clue that your application and the study section were a poor fit. Abutment Plague in San Francisco: Reviewers look at the application in the context of their critiques, so the approach is effective if you can readily answer their concerns. Note the involvement of human subjects, select agents, or other areas with special requirements. Update as needed to respond. Note that only the scientific review officer sees your cover letter, not the reviewers or program officers.

Highlight your reviewers’ comments in your introduction and the body of your application, usually in the Research Plan. When you start revising, discuss the reviewers’ points one by one. Explain that the proposed study will generate large-scale human or non-human genomic data. Check again that your Specific Aims line up with your hypothesis. Do you have a sense that no matter what you wrote your reviewers wouldn’t have appreciated it?

If your reviewers were enthusiastic about your idea and found fixable problems, revising and requesting the same study section is usually the way to go.

Check again that your Specific Aims line up with your hypothesis. Sometimes waiting has little impact on the timing of an award. Responds to major weaknesses raised in the summary statement.

cover letter nih resubmission

Conference grants R13 or U Creating Your Cover Letter Here’s how to create and format your cover letter: Note a subaward that will be active for only some of the grant’s years. You’ll still have to address reviewer critiques from the first review even though that critique came from a different study section.


Your resubmission can take one of two paths: Start with the title and a brief description of your application.

Update as needed to respond. Were they knowledgeable about your methods?

Revise and Resubmit an Application | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

You must apply within 37 months of the original application’s receipt date. Then ask yourself these questions: If you’re cramped for space, don’t drop important details in favor of making space to address reviewer comments. Content last reviewed on May 4, Identify any NIH institutes or centers as an awarding component, both positively “assign to” and negatively “do not assign to”.

Summarizes the issues and criticisms and respond in as much detail as possible. If you disagree, explain covee, and provide additional information if possible. Visitor Information Contact Us. Resubmissions have several unique rules. You could start revising before you get your summary statement if you have promising new data or other resibmission you want to include.


Write a Cover Letter

Have a Funding Question? Write a Cover Letter.

cover letter nih resubmission

You only have one opportunity to resubmit, so make it your best shot. Skip to main content. And if you need additional preliminary data or new data is imminent, wait until you have it before resubmitting. Read for our full advice on how to approach your assignment request. Optional Uses for the Cover Letter You may choose to use a cover letter for the following purposes: Tips for a Strong Resubmission Application Here are some tips to help you succeed.

Choose Your Path Your resubmission can take one of two paths: Options if Your Application Isn’t Funded. We offer two samples R01 resubmission applications that scored well. Did the reviewers’ expertise fit your topic?

June 4, Minutes: If you wait to submit for the Cycle 3 receipt dates May Council instead, you could lose just a month or two before you actually get an award.