Would you like us to review something? Interview Multiple phone interviews since I lived in another city. Very intense first round interview. Little did I know that it was all a hoax and now I work double as hard, for less reward in a culture that doesn’t fit me. I went through the process, and here is how it works:

Previous 1 2 Next. Please check the boxes below. Application I applied through an employee referral. My question what the fuck else would us kids from nontargets do? I’m afraid I may have been a little unclear.

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GE GE FMP Interview Questions | Glassdoor

After the group interview, you will have suffered one-day long assessment center. Your IBD option is the way to go. You’ll be ticking boxes and putting together Power Point charts all over the globe – but don’t think Paris New York and Melbourne: Interview Campus interview followed by on-site interview.

Interviewers were looking for employees who want a career in GE and who have demonstrated leadership over technical finance experience.

GE Financial Management Program Interview Questions | Glassdoor

All jobs are boring unless you’re getting paid 7 figures to be an assassin. Google is more likely to hire you if your resume includes side projects. Interview Questions Why GE? Second round was an online test and third round was finance manager interview. People are continually weeded out.


Venture Capital GE Capital. Application I applied in-person.

cover letter for ge fmp program

I applied through an employee referral. Harvardgrad is well known and a good resource on this forum.

GE FMP Interview Questions

Pretty women make us BUY beer. From my experience, yes. Chimp 13 Oct 7, – 6: Any advice would be appreciated.

Awful or not, you need to learn the business from the ground up. Are you sure you want to replace it? He passes his life entirely in Wall Fmmp and communicates with his family once a month by means of a telegram in cipher.

Deloitte – Internship views. If a single individual has or hasn’t a certain career path, well, it means nothing.

cover letter for ge fmp program

Think of it this way: They go in thinking they’re going to be learning about and doing financial work, and instead they end up he, essentially, accountants. Just cause your doing the work at the ground level and not feet up which is what a valuation model is, do not discount how important some of those day-to-day decisions are.

It helped that the person interviewing was an alum, as they could fmpp to some of the relevant coursework that I referred to in some of our discussions Interview Questions Discuss a time that you encountered a situation that challenged your morals, and how did you overcome it? Chimp 1 May 2, – 1: If you go into finance dept you’re wasting your time, although accting is the language of business it won’t get your anywhere near the type of activity u do in IB. I covver a late addition to the interview schedule because I networked with an alumni at programm school who reached out to the individual at GE who was scheduling the interviews.


The Truth About GE’s Financial Management Program (FMP)

It’s not for everyone This doesn’t just apply to GE it applies to all of F Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again? Deloitte – Internship views. Be prepared for leadership, teamwork, conflict questions.