This ensures that the company moves forward incrementally rather than in leaps and bounds without a specific, clear direction. Cordia should seek to adopt a structure that would encourage interaction between the divisions which will in turn satisfy the needs of the organization and will eventually set Cordia LLP up as an organization competing in the open market and not simply a subsidiary of the council. A limited time offer! Cordia realised that they cannot rely solely on historical data and perspectives to run the company. The company decided to embark on a strategy to monopolise the market since they already had an established sector.

They have to be aware of the changes in the environment. Cordia management sought to create a strong, secure and more flexible core business. Cordia recognised an opportunity for growth. How to cite this essay Choose cite format: It includes financial and quality systems. This makes fostering a new strategy very difficult. On the surface, there appears to be an apparent absence of formal strategic planning and a higher degree of operational planning.

Encore is highly competitive and has an aggressive strategy with the expectation of doubling its turnover in the first three years. The MD realized that changes in the structure were needed but did not want make any changes at such an early stage of its three year strategy. The political view of strategy is also critically evident as Cordia has powerful factions, divisional leaders, middle managers and political leaders with conflicting political agendas.

At its current state, Cordia reflected a structure, as mentioned above, that was functional and clearly divisional. We will write a custom essay sample on.


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lkp The continued alignment to the heritage of Council dominance is manifested in many of the routines caes control systems. It basically refers to the person or group of people who have the most amount of influence on decisions, operations and strategic direction. Cordia realised that change was in the cards and embarked upon a strategy to seize the moment. Sate services are increasingly being contracted out.

Cordia did not state specific goals for the company. Through the culture web of Cordia is can clearly be seen that the company places high value on historical practices and the company is managed accordingly.

A vaguely felt awareness of an issue. The five stages llpp logical incrementalism5 are stated as: This division has to constantly re-invent itself as students are rejecting the menu offering.

Cordia Llp

The four main characteristics of the logical incrementalism model corfia Cordia are as follows: Cordia has a culture that is particularly resistant to change.

On the surface, there appears to be an apparent absence of formal strategic planning and a higher degree of operational planning. The opportunities for the LLP were endless as the organization enjoyed the benefit of operating in the free market. It is imperative that the leaders understand the Cordia Way and what it implies to the company.

cordia llp case study

A limited time offer! Cordia has highly established norms and places heavy reliance on implied authority.

They have to be aware of the changes in the environment. These refer to the visual representations of the company including logos, state of the offices and dress codes.


cordia llp case study

The market will thus see Dase as an LLP and not just merely an extension of the council. There was a great historical emphasis on caring for the client core competences and not running the unit as a business strategy.

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The culture web reflects the privileges and the paternalistic nature of the Council. Cordia has outlines a change management plan to deal with these issues.

Top management of Cordia have highlighted formal and informal processes in order to draw cordka picture of their emerging strategy. These three divisions indicated three different strategies: Encore, Facilities Management and Care Services.

The managing director realized that this would involve the buy in of management and staff.

cordia llp case study

This refers to the way that the organisation is controlled. This can shudy highlighted as a marketing strategy that the company was embarked upon.

This means that if the summative impact of total performance for each division is satisfactory then there is no deeper analyses into individual cost centre performances.

This makes fostering a new strategy very difficult.