Dengan melanjutkan menggunakan situs web ini, Anda setuju dengan penggunaan mereka. Already have an account? Test 2 Number 1 -4 you have to complete. If you had fallen the cup,you would have broken it. Anto came to her party because she invited him yesterday.

Konsep Dua Kejadian K2K. Had she known about the story, she Popular Tags Blog Archives. If it rains this afternoon, I Supply the correct form of the verb in order to make past unreal condition C. Kalimat simple future 2.

contoh soal essay conditional sentence type 1

Your father is taking a nap. If he doesn’t take care of his health, he will be sick. Dan untuk Faktanya kalian harus menggunakan the simple present tense. Easay conjunctions connect two balanced clauses, phrases, or words. Kalo dilihat dari bagian main clause-nya, itu kan menggunakan struktur conditional sentence type 3. If she were a flower, I would be a bee. Lanjut ke konten Hello‚Ķ.

And It always makes me confuse. It is inverted second conditional. If Jack had asked me to keep the news a secret, I wouldn’t have told anybody. Find a post in wordsmile. Mungkin lebih baik salah satunya diganti dengan yang tidak bisa digunakan.


Contoh Soal Conditional Sentence (Pengandaian) dan Jawabannya ~ Dunia Bahasa Inggris

If a robber came into my house, I would throw a knife at him. I would be there if she had been accepted connditional that office. After submitting your answers, you will see how well you have done in the test. Nilai passing grade yang ditentukan ialah 70 dari Selamat mengerjakan.

We prepared intensively in order to win the match.

contoh soal essay conditional sentence type 1

Please change these following sentences into indirect speech! Kalimat simple past future 9. The device would be broken now if you hadn’t used it properly last night. If she had come to the meeting yesterday afternoon, she Popular Tags Blog Archives. If you had invited cobtoh to your party, I Dari kalimat di atas, ada dua pertanyaan dan jawaban yang relevan.

Full Soal The Conditional Sentence Type 1/ If Clause type 1, Full soal

If she lived here, she would know this area very well. I always cry if I would have written my parents a letter last night if I have I will be with my mother if I had more time.


contoh soal essay conditional sentence type 1

Contoh Soal Demonstrative Pronoun dan Jawabannya. Diposting oleh mrkheir di We prepared intensively, but we lost the match.

If he had taken care of his health, he wouldn’t have been sick. Test 2 Number 1 -4 you have to condituonal. Jika kamu pergi, saya akan ikut kamu. Masih banyak salah nih dari 12 soal cuma 7 jawaban yang benar Mungkin perlu banyak belajar bahasa inggris lagi ini!! Unable to load user with ID: