Thus, any preparation to produce an output must be control and ensure that the output is always sufficient by operation so that the transformation systems can run smoothly all the time. Then the entrepreneur arranges these activities according to sequence and proceeds to draw the process chart. The good characteristic of the posters are large physical size, colourful, interesting and more. Moreover, partnership will allow all shareholders to contribute several of ideas to improve business. The table below presents the position and the number of people employed to facilitate the operation company.

According to the librarians, it is because the user of PSA Library is not aware of what is library. The marketing objective must be relevant and suitable for our company. We also believe that our business of entertainment will give more benefits to our customers. In brief, those populations and the place strategy will contribute to our profit every time. It is the determinates of a business success. We are fully hope that the PSA students will aware about the facilities and services that available in the library and make the library as their second home of information. Another students most likely to do their work or assignment by refer to the sources in the internet.

Case Study – Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Library

The supply of bookstore in Kuching is limited and it is rarely being found that the price of bookstore is cheap. Everything that we do must have their own challenges and problems. We have set entrepreneurhsip objective in order to realize the business goals, that are to improve our business and become self-sufficient competitor in the related field. In our market, there are few bookstores in Kuching area which includes nearby Kota Samarahan area. It is very important to attract people to come to our organization.


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Projek Entrepreneurship

To prepare a process chart, an entrepreneur will first identify all the operational activities required for the production of the product or for delivering the services. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, public relations means the aspect of communications involving the relations between an entity subject to or seeking public attention and the various publics that etudy may be interested in it. In our product, among the function that are performed by the operational manager such as the following: Physical Surrounding Our company is located adjacent to main roads and other designated premises where.

Projek Entrepreneurship Download Report. We have observed the strengths and weaknesses of other competitors of bookstore in Kuching.

To make sure the objectives of organization can be. Operational Strategies This system is one of the main parts in our operational strategies.

Projek Entrepreneurship

Awareness Public relations person engaged in the world and keeps up with news in public. This is important to. This is because the material is important to determine the product that will be produce. Riad Izhar and Janet Hontoir: Administration can be defined as the universal process of organizing people and resources efficiently so as to direct activities toward common goals and objectives.

It defines long term goals of the company but in a specified time frame. They must be a creative person to promote their organization like library to the users or students. It is the most important aspect of the business plan and involves the determining and the total project cost, choice of sources of financing and the preparation of the financial projection in terms of pro forma statements, which include cash flow, income statements and balance sheet.

They can learn more about drawing in this program and can show their skills in drawing.


contoh case study entrepreneurship politeknik

The reasons why our company chooses this place to operate our business are:. It can make a big advantage which can make a business to have a fast rate production. During the game, the player has to make production decisions, such as how much to produce, whether to build new warehouses or negotiate with trucking companies, etc.

So, this program is one of the way to inform the new student about enrtepreneurship services and facilities that provide by this library.

So far, the entrepreneurs who participated in conoth study found the project both interesting and feasible. Ability to cope with pressure As the public relations person in department, they must have the skill to manage the critical situations.

It is develop in every organization to assist administration and management of organization to ensure the workflow line of administration easy and run smoothly.

contoh case study entrepreneurship politeknik

Other than that, it is also to expose the students about library is not only for borrowing and returning books, but they also can enjoy many activities held in library to fill their leisure time. This proposed business indirectly will inculcate the reading habits among the Malaysians. But, students still did not use the facilities fully. To provide the most relax and relief place to find a book for student. Magazine section 30 IML To achieve this goal, we try to clear all the loan payment in a short time and increase our profit by achieving our companys objective as soon as possible.

We also believe that our business of entertainment will give more benefits to our customers.