Also an evaluation and a bibliography. This is done using software tools chosen by the candidate and should involve programming. A clear statement of the origins and form of data should be given. This can be done in a number of ways: Provides candidates with further opportunity to extend skills, knowledge and understanding of computing concepts and deep understanding of Database, Networking, Hardware and Troubleshooting. Candidates will not be expected to write or interpret the meaning of simple segments of low level language code.

There is no description of the relationship between the structure of the development work and the testing in evidence. Comprehensive, well illustrated instructions on how to install the program for use. The emphasis is on the solution of problems in a structured way using logic and reason to split a problem into sections that can be programmed using a procedural or object-oriented programming language. Each teaching section is assessed by its associated paper. In this way, Centres wishing to enter candidates for Papers 1 and 3 can complete this coursework during the first year of the course. Add this document to saved. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

There should be a brief description of the organisation for example, firm or business involved and the current methods used in the chosen areas that may form the basis of the project. Its Representation, Structure and Management c d e f g h Content 1.

B Skills Candidates should be able to: Thirdly, students may continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of computing through entry to higher education, where this qualification will provide coursewrk useful foundation for further study of computing or more specialist aspects of computing. In this way, candidates can be encouraged to look beyond school, or college, life into the businesses and companies in the community of the surrounding area.


Computer Science has been introduced in place of computing |

Data structures have been identified but there may be inadequate detail. A detailed description of processes should also be included. There is a full set of printouts showing input and output as well as data structures.

Subject to satisfactory performance such candidates are then only required to take the final part of the assessment referred to in this syllabus as A2 leading to the full A Level. Centres and candidates may choose: A clear requirements specification should be defined.

computing 9691 coursework

The registered schools were given a draft of the new syllabus almost 2 years ago. Exclusions This syllabus must not be offered in the same session with any of the following syllabuses: The user guide should be well presented with an index and, where necessary, a glossary of the terms used. Or, the inside materials for old topics have also changed….


There is written evidence available from the user that they have used the system and agree with the strategy for implementation. Paper 3 this paper will consist of a variable number of compulsory questions of variable mark value. Projects should be chosen to demonstrate the integrative aspects of the work and should avoid copmuting repetition of the demonstration of a given skill.

Study Tour Reviewer Syllabus Rubric. All parts of the guide should be fully annotated since this is important for subsequent development of the cousrework.


If Centres are uncertain about the appropriateness of a problem they should seek advice from CIE. In this way, Centres wishing to enter courseework for Papers 1 and 3 can complete this coursework during the first year of the course.

A detailed knowledge of the syntax of programming languages is not required. The user indicates that the system fully meets the specification given in section aand there are no known faults in the system. Computing Project requires candidates to identify a well-defined compkting problem, involving a third-party user, and to generate a solution. I have attached details of any assistance given beyond that which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment. The specifications of the hardware and software on which the system can be implemented should be included.


Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

All aspects of user testing, courssework acceptance, implementation and system changeover have been documented. Since the contents in the technical documentation will differ from one project to another, professional judgement as to what would be necessary for another analyst to maintain and develop the program has to be made.

computing 9691 coursework

The marking criteria will not change from year to year. An attempt should be made to show that all parts of the program have been tested, including those sections dealing with unexpected or invalid data as well as extreme cases.

computing 9691 coursework

Add this document to collection s. Paper 3 Advanced Theory — written paper. The emphasis will be in using the programming techniques compkting solve a logical Problem.

The finished program should relate clearly to the design work. Ccomputing marks are awarded for the degree of satisfaction that the user indicates in the acceptance procedure. Candidates choose, in conjunction with their teacher, a well-defined user-driven problem which enables them to demonstrate their skills in Analysis, Design, Software Development, Testing, Implementation, Documentation and Evaluation.