I would definitely chose this school again if I was to do it over because everyone was like family and the student were kind fun students. Your school principal will inform you of specific testing dates and times for student testing. From what I’ve experienced, the school has many extracurricular activities for certain types of students like business, computer, technology, athletic, and music students. Senior May 10 Overall Experience Report. Especially the our bands marching band, symphonic band, and concert band.

This can cause a lot of students to feel left out, and this is not good especially in terms of bullying. I don’t think there is any discrimination in terms of race and sexual orientation, because Clarenceville is overall accepting. Senior May 10 Overall Experience Report. Student Congress organized all the schools social activities like the dances. I love that I know everyone in my school on a first name basis, and that there are so many different diverse people to talk to. They always had a high turn out of students and the trip was always interesting and fun.

Clarenceville is unique because not only are we our own district, we have a small knit group, and everyone knows each other.

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I feel the workload that some teachers give is very unmanageable though, because when all of clarencecille teachers give a lot of homework, there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all. The teaching styles could be improved by involving the students more and attempting to connect to the students on a more personal level.


Senior 6 months ago Overall Experience Report.

By the end of this program you not only earn your high school diploma, but you also receive an associate’s degree from Oakland Community College that has 62 credits. Also, Clarenceville High has a numurous amount of amazing extracurricular activities to get involved in! Remind High School Sign Up. I liked the curriculum that they had but I think that the teachers and administration should have cared clarencegille the students more.

Senior Oct 28 Overall Experience Report.

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It’s called OaklandACE and you basically start college in your junior year of high school till your 13th year 3 years in total. It’s a smaller school which helps you get to know everyone, and all your teachers.

Half-day for Students Clarencevilel Day of School: Please read the Measles Informational Flyer: Honestly our football team sucks, but one of the main reason people come is to see our marching band perform pre-game and half-time.

The teachers at my school are very educated and knowledgeable.

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Senior 7 months ago Overall Experience Report. Click the image below to learn more about the Holiday Craft Show in November. I think if the people in charge of the sports and organizations promoted their programs more, there would be more participation. These were all the school run activities which homdwork a good size of participants.

Junior Oct 28 Overall Experience Report.

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I overall love my high school and I wouldn’t have changed where I went to school at over the past 4 years, Clarenceville has helped me gain so many relationships with teachers, other students, and with many organizations. Last Day of School: What my my school unique was that it was a small school, but had wide variety of students. I like that my high school experience has been one of a tight knit community.


It was good, I would change some things but over all most of the teachers and administration were caring and helpful. Students in Clarenceville will begin testing on April 9, We are also given opportunities to showcase our abilities and ideas. See attached directions on how to get you pin and password to Parent-Portal More Your school principal will inform you of specific testing dates and times uomework student testing.

clarenceville homework connection

I really enjoyed my 4 years of being a band student. We have a lot of carenceville, but there isn’t as much student participation as you would think. Teachers do not have favorites and are always willing to make personal time for students in need.

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Without my awesome teachers, I would certainly not be where I am today. My junior and senior year, i joined the drum line. Senior 5 months ago Overall Experience Report. My favorite experience in high school had to be the marching band.

clarenceville homework connection