There are 8 subtopics on each worksheet. It is particularly useful when things can be saved for further use. JustMathsMel February 2, at Kin January 18, at We use them for all age groups and abilities. Number — H — Combinations v2.

Is there the answers in a document at all? Statistics — H — Box Plots v2. Anonymous April 17, at 8: Algebra — H — Algebraic Fractions v2. How does the circumference of a glass compare to the height of the glass? Some schools are now using these as standard homeworks across the maths department, in other schools one or two teachers are using them every now and then. Cut out and build the tetrahedrons and use them during revision sessions or just chuck them around your room and on your shelves for an extra bit of maths!

Algebra — H — Functions v2 — Solutions.

STICKY! 9-1 Exam questions by topic – HIGHER TIER – version 2

Fantastic resource for me, a year 11 student — I use these all the time when I need practice on a specific topic. This is one of the best resources on-line we have found.

circle theorems homework tes

We use them for all age groups and abilities. Anonymous May 11, at Other Is there anything you would have a regular use for that we don’t feature here?

Circle Theorems: GCSE Maths Question of the Week – Mr Barton Maths Blog

Newer Post Older Post Home. Laura September 12, at 4: Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Anonymous May 13, at 2: The volume of the frustum is being calculated by subtracting the small theorsms from the large cone THEN once you have the volume of the frustum it be x 2. Comment recorded on the 25 June ‘Starter of the Day’ page by Inger.


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Just another way of approaching revision of the larger problem solving questions. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts theoremx email.

Lots of good ideas for starters.

circle theorems homework tes

Teachers report that the quality of work submitted is often high and that students enjoy completing Pret Homeworks. Students design their own bingo grid from the numbers provided, then answer questions based on three theorems tangent at right angles to radius; angle in a semicircle; perpendicular from the te bisects a chord. Interleaving the use of basic angles facts as a necessary step in the procedure homewor find other angles as an independent step in the procedure where finding one angle is not necessary to find another angle.

Michaela Community School | Conception of the Good – Creating Types – Circle Theorems Part 1

Gemma December 11, at 7: Algebra — H — Coordinates v2. Do you have all of the papers in a zip file or do they need to be downloaded separately?


circle theorems homework tes

From finding the circumference and area of circles to problem solving and investigation. JustMathsMel February 9, theoresm 7: These are so helpful to understand and solve exam type questions, thank you so much. Number — H — Number Problems v2 — Solutions.

A free trial lesson from Math Upgrade dot com. An excellent resource, thanks. Deb April 16, at 5: Here’s a useful counterintuitive fact: A problem which can be solved by considereing the areas of a triangle and a sector of a circle. The angle in a semi-circle is a right angle. On circle theorem H Q5 you take from Create your own dynamic geometrical diagrams using this truly amazing tool from GeoGebra.

We have just started to use the ‘starter-of-the-day’ in our yr9 lessons to try them out before we change from a high school to a secondary school in September. Whilst we are used to always simplifying surds where possible, theorejs this case are they wanting the single surd, which would be root 48?