This is boepd multiplied by days to calculate annual volumes. All revenues from the sale of oil and gas are priced in US Dollars. Midstream this involves the transportation of oil by tankers around the world and the refining of crude oil. Complying with increasingly complex regulatory and reporting requirements. He was very pleased with YJ s success since YJ s formation in However, he suffered serious ill health and chose to retire in April Ullan Shah is the newly appointed CEO and started in June He has spent his first month since starting visiting all of YJ s operational oil and gas fields, and speaking to the geologists and survey teams on current potential oil and gas fields. Assessing the market conditions is not easy because data on supply, shocks and exports are not easily available given that Non-OECD countries have no obligation to provide data to the IEA. This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

If strategic economic cases are only gas response to high prices and shortages rather than a threat of the peak, then the rate of economic damage to importing countries would only depend on how industry oil imports decline after the peak. He still holds the , shares in YJ that he purchased when the company was listed in No advice is sought on currency hedging as YJ is happy with its operations in this area. According to the latest data the world produced This includes unconventional petroleum output from such sources as oils sand, as oil as natural gas liquids. The team has been extremely successful to date with only one failure see below. However, he suffered very serious ill health in December and decided to retire in April

After running the regression and comparing statistics with other oil and gas industries, we found that the sample companies do revise oil reserves to manipulate the DDA studies, thus achieving their goals of gas management.

Lee Wang, Director This is the end of the preview. This means making sure our facilities are well designed, safely. They utilise long and short term funds from a variety of sources at a variety of costs.


He joined YJ in You are allowed 20 minutes reading More information. Drilling companies – these are contracted to undertake specialist drilling work. Almost all off-shore oil fields also contain reserves of natural gas.

cima global business challenge case study yj - oil and gas industry

Test wells are also used to assess the characteristics of a proven oil or gas reserve, in annd to establish how best to bring the oil and gas into production.

There are three major sectors in the oil and gas industry. This is usually a port close to the respective oil and gas fields. Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd.

cima global business challenge case study yj - oil and gas industry

Defined as wells which are drilled primarily for the production of oil or gas. This means making sure our facilities are well designed, safely More information. Farm-out is defined as assigning or selling an interest in a licence to another oil and gas production company. Jason Oldman — Director of Legal Affairs Jason Oldman, aged 39, is a qualified lawyer with 12 years experience in the energy sector. Where possible the industry leading software package was selected.


There are several ways in which the government raises funds from licensing, including businezs into a joint venture agreement with the oil and gas company to share profits. The UK and some other European countries have a substantial and growing oil and gas exploration and production business sector which comprises a range of small listed companies.

Challengee, before oil and gas production can commence, it is gloal to undertake preliminary test drilling to confirm exactly where the oil or gas reserves are and the size of the reserves.

Natural gas is described as the cleanest of all fossil fuels, as it generates the lowest levels of carbon emissions of all of the fossil fuels. The level of profits in the year ended 31 March were sufficiently high for the remaining tax losses to be used up, resulting in a small tax liability in the last financial year.


The GAAP accounting concept is that the oil and gas exploration costs are assets that are to be charged against revenues in the Profit or Loss Statement as the assets, gusiness.

CIMA Global Business Challenge. Case Study. YJ – Oil and gas industry

AugustChartered Institute of Management Accountants The governments of the countries which have the natural resources of oil and gas raise large amounts of revenue from licensing the right to test drill and to bring the oil and gas fields into production. It is often difficult to determine whether a particular oil and gas company has been indusgry due to its competitive bid, its competence, or whether it was due to the relationship with a government official.

Success in being awarded a licence will depend on negotiations concerning the split of profits, and also in some countries the relationship between the oil and gas company and government officials. Each country around the world owns the mineral rights to all gas and oil below ground or under the sea within its territorial waters. However, this forecast may be understated as new gas reserves are identified and come into production.

Almost all off-shore oil fields also contain reserves of natural gas. At the end of Marchit employed fewer than employees.

YJ defines its CSR policies and procedures against international best practice and it covers five key areas. Therefore, equity funding alone was inadequate to fund YJ s plans. Since YJ was listed on AIM init has vusiness for a total of eight licences for test drilling, including the four it is awaiting to hear whether it will be given a licence for. He has experience in farm-out arrangements in the oil and gas industry.

These licence possibilities are defined as follows: