Compositions that display evidence of sensible instrumental writing and 27—34 53—68 a creative effort to organise sounds into a coherent and satisfying whole. Teacher Assessment — Form 2 only available on CIE Direct To apply for special consideration for candidates who have a shortfall in coursework due to circumstances beyond their control. Damaged or Opened Question Paper Packet: Assessment criteria for coursework 7. Preparation — Form 7 To inform us of arrangements for supervising candidates outside of the centre. To help maintain the security of our exams, make sure you share this information with your candidates.

Preparation — Form 7 To inform us of arrangements for supervising candidates outside of the centre. If you work in a UK centre, for some coursework components, we choose the candidates whose work you need to include in your sample. Complete a new form for each component. Centres may wish to advise candidates that, if they take two qualiications with the same discount code, colleges are very likely to take the view that they have achieved only one of the two qualiications. Complete a new form for each syllabus. Credit should be given for clear evidence that important features of structure have been understood in terms of sectional contrasts, links between sections and the conception of a broad overview of each composition.

Is the quality of invention consistent throughout the composition? Coursework address labels – Teacher Assessment – Label 2. Music requiring some more sophisticated interpretation.

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Administrative forms and guidance documents

These are assessed by Centres and submitted to Cambridge for moderation. Assessment in detail 5. Page 10 Component 1 Listening Section B: Moderating your internal marks If more than one teacher is involved in the marking of coursework for a component, you must internally moderate the marking across teachers and teaching groups. Access Arrangements Cover Sheet: Coursework identification labels – Teacher Assessment – Label 3 We send these labels in your pre-exam despatch.

cie submitting coursework

Using an Alternative Venue: Candidate warning poster Display this poster inside and outside the exam room so candidates know the rules. Exam Day — Form 11 To report any question paper packets opened in error. For examined coursework, instead of submitting samples you submit the work of all your candidates to us. All questions in Sections A, B and C are compulsory and will require either short answers or will be coursswork a multiple-choice format.

In all scores, performance indications should be clear and precise. Compositions that display little evidence of consistent application or musical 1—10 1—20 understanding. You can also go to our public website at www. Content of component Some evidence of awkwardness in the use of resources, and keeping to very simple textures 1—3 and narrow registers, with restricted use of textural variety.

cie submitting coursework

Candidates are expected to follow any complete or skeleton scores or diagrams provided. An individual performance may either be unaccompanied or accompanied but the accompaniment should be played if the composer wrote one and a suitable accompanist is available.


Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

Notification of suspected centre staff malpractice: Assessment criteria for coursework Bass Guitar 1 All in irst position, often using open strings and moving submitying between adjacent strings.

Descriptor Mark Idiomatic use of resources throughout, displaying strong aural awareness and revealing a broad 9—10 range of inventive and varied textures.

Composition 1 must be written in a Western, tonal style and submittig demonstrate familiarity with the basic principles of traditional harmonic language; this composition must be fully notated using staff notation and the score must be submitted with the recording.

Cambridge International Examinations is part of the University of Cambridge. The coutsework database explains everything you need to know about administering coursework, speaking test and examined coursework components.

Teachers must certify that the compositions are the individual work of the candidate who claims authorship.

Very simple keys, Keyboard few accidentals, no modulation. Glockenspiel, 1 Single notes, with no wide leaps. Descriptor Mark A wide range of well-developed skills, allowing the candidate to perform music which makes 5 substantial demands. You can download coursework idenitification and coursework return labels: Overall Descriptors Mark Equates to total mark in range Musical and imaginative compositions that display a high level of creative ability 43—50 85— and a keen sense of aural perception.

Any accompaniment may be live or through a backing track.