For the purpose of moderation, Centres are asked to organise the presentation of recordings as follows: Other candidates beginning this course should have achieved an equivalent level of general education. If they are not, the individual marks should be revisited. If you have any questions, please contact us at info cie. World ensembles and instruments: Music requiring some more sophisticated interpretation e. Handling confidential materials poster Use our poster to remind yourself what to do with our confidential materials when they arrive.

Glockenspiel, 1 Single notes, with no wide leaps. Exam day — Form 9b After you have reported an instance of suspected centre staff malpractice using Exam day — Form 9a, this form is to be used by the Head of Centre to provide details of the information that has been gathered. Through our professional development courses and our support materials for Cambridge IGCSEs, we provide the tools to enable teachers to prepare learners to the best of their ability and work with us in the pursuit of excellence in education. Syllabus aims and assessment objectives 4. Although the precise nature of questions will depend upon the individual characteristics of the country or area, candidates should be prepared to answer questions under the following main headings: You can also go to our public website at www. Voice 1 A simple song or hymn, mostly stepwise in an easy register.

Although the precise nature of questions will depend upon the individual characteristics of the work concerned, candidates should be prepared to answer questions under the following main headings: Use the database to find out: It is assumed that Centres will have a CD player of reasonable quality, capable of reproducing the bass clearly.

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Drum Kit 1 Very simple rhythms, usually repetitive, using bass drum, snare drum and cymbal. If they are not, the coursewodk marks should be revisited. Supplementary Multiple-Choice Answer Sheet: Preventing and identifying plagiarism Work submitted for examination or moderation must be the candidates’ own.


Submit your marks using one of the following methods: Even if there are technical shortcomings, is there evidence that candidates understand how the music is meant to go?

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Assessment criteria for coursework Marking Criteria — Composing A mark out of 10 must be awarded under each of the following headings: Enquiry about results guide UK Follow our guidance if you are a centre in the UK and submitting enquiries about results. If the marks achieved by a consideration of the Individual Marking Criteria are correct, they will be compatible with the Overall Descriptors.

Administrative forms and guidance documents

Assessment criteria for coursework 7. Supplementary Answer Booklet – Exam Day – Form 13 To be used to supplement any continuation answer booklets we provide. If staff notation is not used, the intentions of the notation must be clearly explained in an accompanying commentary.

cie submitting coursework

Little scope for interpretation. Scores for both performances and compositions should be included.

Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

Compositions that maintain a single musical texture without variety will often display a lack of compositional understanding, and it is expected that most candidates should be able to appreciate the need to vary the texture within the pieces of music that they compose.

Guitar 1 Simple chords, slow-moving and suhmitting.

Teacher Assessment – Form 7 To let us know that you have sent your samples for moderation. Advice regarding severe weather political unrest and natural disasters Follow our advice on what to do if there is sever weather, a natural disaster or political unrest during your timetabled exams.

Administrative forms and guidance documents

Credit should be given for clear evidence that important features of structure have been understood in terms of sectional contrasts, links between sections and the conception of a broad overview of each composition.

This permission is only granted on the understanding that Internal Moderation must be carried out at the Centre. Aspects of structure and musical ideas may lack imagination and the quality of invention may not be consistent. Performances in which limitations of technique or musicianship are signiicant enough to 11—18 impede the communication of musical understanding in some important respects in pieces which offer only limited opportunities to display technical and musical skills.


Phase 3 – Teacher assessment

This is in order to ensure that marks submitted by the Centre are consistent for all candidates, irrespective of which teacher assessed the examination. Teacher Assessment — Form 3 only available on CIE Direct To apply for special consideration for candidates who have unintentionally lost or damaged coursework. This includes all instances of suspected candidate malpractice in timetabled exams or other assessments.

Candidates will not be assessed on spelling, providing the meaning of their answers are clear. All our administrative forms and general extra guidance documents are listed below. Set Works for examination in With this in mind, every effort has been made to ensure that all the Set Works are available on good quality, but inexpensive CD recordings e.

Simple keys, a few accidentals, very simple submltting.

I, IV, and V 7 ; secondary chords: Teacher Assessment — Form 5 for Art and Design work Teacher Assessment — Form 6 for all other moderated coursework If you do not want us to return the work you have sent us, you do not need to do anything. Reasonable use of resources; a fair range of workable textures, with some consideration of 4—6 detail, but with notable impracticalities in balance or occasional passages of awkward writing.

The letters Q result pendingX no results and Y to be issued may also appear on the statement of results but not on the certiicate.