Each composition is assessed out of a maximum of 50 marks, a maximum of 10 marks being awarded for each criterion. No creditable qualities in the work presented. For the purposes of moderation, teachers must record all performances and compositions and send the recordings, mark sheets and other materials to Cambridge. Feel free to edexcel gcse music coursework deadline it. These forms, and the instructions for completing them, may be downloaded from www.

If they are not, the individual marks should be revisited. Although the precise nature of questions will depend upon the individual characteristics of the country or area, candidates should be prepared to answer questions under the following main headings: Previous changes to this syllabus The changes for the previous version of the syllabus included: Health and safety issues arise from equipment used in performing and composing. Recordings should therefore always be available to them in school. We are the easiest and the most proficient variant to get your assignment done in a proper way within a certain deadline For the latest information on discount codes and performance tables, please see the Department for Education website.

Key dates and activities

Cambridge igcse first language english However, we cannot give permission to Centres to photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within a Centre. Positive credit is given for the following: Glockenspiel, 1 Single notes, with no wide leaps.

Reasonable use of resources; a fair range of workable textures, with some consideration of 4—6 detail, but with notable impracticalities in balance or occasional passages of awkward writing.


Examples of such components include: Candidates who have any doubts about their subject combinations should seek advice, courseworl from their centre or the institution to which they wish to progress. Use of the hi-hat pedal in addition to other instruments. For extra guidance submitting coursework and speaking tests, watch our video and download our poster.

Genre Opera, oratorio including recitative, aria and chorusmusical, symphony, concerto, string quartet, sonata, march, waltz, minuet and trio.

Instructions for candidates To help maintain the security of our exams, make sure you share this information with your candidates. The variety of urban environments 4. You are strongly advised to read the whole syllabus before planning your teaching programme. In this area, all aspects of structure should be considered: To ask us to send work back, complete the relevant form: Minimal scope for interpretation.

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Texture Melody and deadlinex, homophonic, polyphonic, monophonic, heterophonic, parallel motion. Melodic movement ascending or descending by step or leap. Assessment criteria for coursework The Total Mark for each composition and the Grand Total Mark out of must be checked against the Overall Descriptors and mark bands below. Style Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Twentieth Century including impressionism, neo-classicism, jazz, minimalism.

Cambridge Exams Officers’ Guide for the March series (India only)

Additional information for regulated syllabuses This syllabus appears on the Register of Regulated Qualiications http: Other candidates beginning this course should have achieved an equivalent level of general education.

Alternative notation should not be used for any piece which is capable of being notated in staff notation. Candidates will not be assessed on spelling, providing the meaning of their answers is clear. Coursework and other dates and deadlines. In practice, the grade awarded depends upon the extent to which the candidate has met the assessment objectives overall. Syllabus aims and assessment objectives To comply with the UK Equality ActCambridge has designed this qualiication with the aim of avoiding direct and indirect discrimination.


cie coursework deadlines 2017

Candidates must not submit someone else’s work as their own or use material produced by someone else without citing and referencing it properly. More information about packing and despatching samples is in Part 3 of the Cambridge Handbook.

We are the easiest and the most proficient variant to get your assignment done in a proper way within a certain deadline This is in order to ensure that marks submitted by the Centre are coursdwork for all candidates, irrespective of which teacher assessed the examination.

Reasonable attention to structure, although perhaps over-reliant on repetition and limited in its 4—6 sense of the overall concept. Centres must also consider the element of harmony, whether explicit as in the piano accompaniment to an instrumental melody or implicit as in the case of an unaccompanied ckursework or solo instrumental line. They are very flexible with entry deadlines etc.

cie coursework deadlines 2017