It is not ethical or permissible that you work with a single candidate and practise an individual test. This person is known as the Internal Moderator. Learners with higher level Speaking and Listening skills need to be given activities which they will find challenging, and which provide scope for extending content. Achieved a unit 4 coursework. On CD2 you will find: New School, Wellington, Centre number:

On CD2 you will find: This type of presentation depends on the liveliness of its delivery for success. Managing the administration of Speaking and Listening coursework Once a test has begun, do not interrupt the recording. In these cases, the External Moderator will use an Amendment Form to re-assess some of the candidates. Language ; and arguments.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook 0500 and 0522 Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge found that these topics lent themselves to interesting and useful Part 1 presentations. Powerpoint document; powerpoint document information, too, for fover. Registered Centres are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use.

Centres with large candidate numbers should get agreement from Cambridge to use additional examiners in advance of the test. Speaking is a primary means of expression; but in many cases it requires secure listening cue to be effective.

Managing the administration of Speaking and Listening coursework Section 8: Component 6 provides a greater degree of flexibility that springs from not having a specific time for the assessments. Draft — critical and maths are drafting their coursework help as vital.

The procedure for recording the candidates is covered in the syllabus and is provided below. Avoid moving the discussion into unrelated areas. CD2 contains the accreditation task samples A—G referred to in Section A script, however, is not allowed.


About the Speaking and Listening Test Component cue For Part 2, we are assessing Listening skills using an independent set of descriptors.

Examiners should adhere to the following guidelines when fulfilling their role in the discussion. Although we expect candidates to expand their topic, it is important to remember that knowledge of the topic is not being assessed.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

Internal moderation is more than just comparing the approach to marking of different examiners. The contents of each CD must be clearly labelled. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

The syllabus provides advice coursdwork completing this form. However, please note that this outcome is rare. Add this document to collection s. Be careful not to dominate, while remaining constantly involved in the discussion. The marks submitted are accurate and consistent.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

In these cases, an External Moderator will use an Amendment Form to re-assess some of the candidates. Fine art and design from. Band 2 7—8 marks Subject matter is organised and expressed competently; attempts to speak on equal terms with the listener but with a varying degree of success.

It is good practice for an examiner to highlight a candidate who has perhaps been difficult to assess and to return to this candidate during an internal moderation session.

Band 4 2 couesework There is evidence of some linking of ideas relating to the subject matter but it is inconsistent; accepts that the listener is in full control of the conversation. An external person, who does not sjeet the learners, will not be able to put them at their ease. The External Moderator cannot correct the problem easily and the rank order of candidates indicated by the Centre is shown to be invalid.


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This is very useful Task 2 coursework as it allows both coved to engage fully and demonstrate Speaking and Listening skills. Learners are not restricted to the classroom for their Speaking and Listening work; sheeh locations might well lead to more productive work. Please note that all candidates must be recorded for the individual and paired activities Tasks 1 and 2the sample sent in for external moderation is then drawn from those recordings.

However, as in Part 1, the candidate did not broaden his own topic sufficiently and did not enhance the theme by lively and interesting examples.

The emphasis is still on coursewwork candidate to generate and extend the conversation. Speaking and Listening Section 1: When sending in samples on CD, please ensure that a suitable cover or case is included to protect the CD in transit.