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They know that bullying should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Padahal banyak sekali dalil baik dari Al-Qur’an maupun Al-Hadits yang menganjurkan agar kita selalu memberi salam kepada sesama muslim. Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued at Stokesay Primary School. She decided to see if there was anything on tv. Guru adalah insan yang sangat besar jasanya kepada kita semua. Please feel free to have a good look through our main school website too.

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Guru adalah insan yang sangat besar jasanya kepada kita semua. One of the most frequent aspects that visitors to our school comment on is the welcoming ‘family’ feel of Stokesay, and the behaviour and manners of our children in a purposeful learning environment. Our aim is to not just match, but exceed national averages hkmework all areas as soon as possible, to provide the best start in life for every child.


Had she slept at church And the three teenagers were getting restless. We are committed to providing first rate educational opportunities, regardless of student background or ability, for the community we serve.

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church stretton school homework

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