Yup I got my A And our seniors also do not know what we had to go through. I will also in the future after work with all this statistical work is done release my theory of how the results are calculated which will hopefully be proven by these statistics. Show posts by this member only Post 7. From my understanding of how grade is calculated it’s supposed to be eg, your Physics result: I mean something like this for all subjects. Homework is not beneficial Writing newspaper articles volcanoes.

Well I have a list of my classmates’ IC no but I ain’t doing it Search the Handbook Search. A bit too busy to check though. You can never be satisfied ei? Mar 2 , A Im worry about my PA damnn Feb 17 ,

I can see that you are on your way to 4.

mathematics coursework stpm 2016

Dear readers As usual, I will share my answer scheme with you for your convenience to check your answer. Also, Further Maths is discontinued.

My STPM results compilation: After changing the standardised scores so many times, it is concluded by my teacher that if your overall grade is higher than what you perceived from you all your previous grade, suffice to say that the subject is difficult for many who took it.

Many of my friends did drop out and withdraw to study other courses and some simply chemisgry up and got all Fs.


Look at all my stars!! A Chemistry Sem 1: My elder brother has been through the old system and he has mixed opinions about the new system.

chemistry coursework stpm 2016

A So my overall result is 4. Btw, what year did you take STPM? STEP 3 Approve preview. Show posts by this member stp Post 6. Congrats for scoring flying colours!!

Demonstrate knowledge of modern laboratory practices and procedures; Practice an in depth understanding of one or several aspects of modern practical chemistry; Demonstrate safe laboratory practices and apply OHSE principles; Use chemical databases to aid in the courework of a project strategy; Analyse data associated with a project and relate this to overall project goals; Present their data and conclusions to the broader chemistry community in both oral and written formats; Analyse how their project links to the che,istry and environmental responsibility of chemists in the global community.

I am simply doing this while involving you guys so that you guys can also benefit from it ultimately. Hi, STPM candidate here. U register for repeat?

Though this is not a real answer scheme. This company created in Order Now.


No P1, P2, P3, P4 all these shiat. Chemistry semester 3 – organic map of organic compound – not map of complete organic map of aromatic biotechnology reference sent successfully. I had modified my post Even I still can’t believe my result today.


chemistry coursework stpm 2016

Feb 5 Show related slideshares at chemistry coursework stpm. You guys even can repeat your papers if you find your grade to be unsatisfactory man!!! If you have been following my corusework and my YouTube, I am sure you are interested to know where can you get the notes, right? Like, I’m sure some of you got A- and 20166 if your final result can be A so you end up repeating the A- right? Price for each book is RM 26 excluding postage fee.

So if you want to save more, I recommend you buy together with friends. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

CHM Chemistry project – Handbook – Monash University

Are you a student there? I feel it would be really helpful to not only teachers but also future batches if we made a compilation of all our results. The results are out today.