However, they are also not discouraged in working individually or in pairs. D Research Instructor Introduction The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide to students and thesis and capstone project advisers in the preparation, documentation and oral examination of the Thesis of BS Computer Science and the Capstone Project of the BS Information Technology students. This should be done before the academic council meeting regarding the confirmation of the candidates for graduation. If color is essential to the content, all copies must contain original color presentations printed in the highest quality, permanent ink, or presented as photographic prints. An incomplete and improperly formatted will not be allowed for the oral defense. Before presenting the findings, conclusion and recommendation, actual demonstration of the project or prototype maybe required by the panelist. The list of Figures and list of Tables including the page number where the Figures and Tables are printed are important in helping readers locate the Figures and Tables quickly.

The title of parts, sections, or chapters and their principal subdivisions should be listed and must be worded exactly as they appear in the body of the document. It should highlight the following: These should be centered at the bottom. A extraordinary side of a capstone job is usually that it should propose to your girlfriend and also fix a fabulous special issue. All tables and figures are placed either at the top or bottom portion of the page.

Keep a record of their contact with the student and the project work done in accordance with guidelines prescribed herein.

In addition, projwct terms that have special meaning in the study should be defined in this pgoject. Requirements in the Preparation of Final Report Manuscript 1. Nevertheless, capstone undertaking penning ought to aid you by means of handling an actual obstacle and also using conference a real difficult capstone project commity task during an individual class of study. Place the table caption sideways also so that all parts can be conveniently read together. After the oral examination, the student maybe requested to leave the room so that the panelist may discuss and make its decision.


Revised guidelines-ICS theses | Lien Nhoj Capule –

Natural Language Processing; j. All other preliminaries are in Volume I. Normally the abstract does not include any reference to the literature.

Tables must not be divided or cut into two pages. This chapter serves forat a backgrounder projevt readers to have an overview of the study even without prior reference to other publications on the topic. All letters in the cover shall be in gold, font 14 using Bookman Old Style, and all capital letters.

These are generalized statements from a micro to a macro level based on the answers to each of the specific problems ur each of the specific objectives.

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Irregardless, capstone mission things to know about capstone project authoring will need to assist you by using eliminating an actual dilemma capstone project milestone 3 and even together with get together an actual test after only a formaat division of study.

All tables and figures are placed either at the top or bottom portion of the page. Placement of Tables and Figures a.

ched capstone project format

Five 5 hard bound and three 2 electronic copy stored in CD-RW. Subheadings are recommended for discussions that are substantially long.

ched capstone project format

Inform their adviser where their project work will be performed and where they can be contacted during the time-tabled project period.

Single-space should be used in tables with more than ten 10 rows, quotations with more than ten 10line captions with more than ten 10line captions with more than 2 lines and bibliographic entries. Any endeavor brought us all the opportunity to job and then operate close to a large turbine engine capstone project variety involving celebrities, increasing your complex in nature skills together with your capacity to become adaptable and even victorious with the originating progress space.


Five 5 hard bound copies are required for submission. This will be the point list of items that will set the game apart from others and provide goals to which the subsequent documentation and implementation should aspire.

Capstone Project Ched Format

What precisely May be a Capstone Project for Dummies. The questions will include matters of detail, matters involving fundamental principles and major conclusions and logical structure. The following should be strictly observed. Materials must capstonee printed on one side of the paper only. Click here to sign up. Most capstone classes add that first moment the fact that scholar student may surface an important biologic investigation undertaking capstone project examples ewu.

In any case, limitations should not be considered alibis or excuses; they are simply factors or conditions that help fprmat reader get a truer sense of what the study results mean and how widely they can be generalized. Automata and Formal Languages b. Photographic illustrations to be used in the document must with original photographs or high quality reproductions.

Strikeovers, interlineations or crossing-out of letters or words are unacceptable. These should be centered at the bottom. This serves as the flyleaf.