The greater your skill, the more challenging the questions become. Once you enter this class, you must agree to do all of your own work written specifically for this course no recycled papers. To obtain credit, students must submit an official high school transcript and an Articulated Credit Form. Waiting to contact me will affect your credibility and jeopardize your grade. If you are having a problem meeting the course requirements or submitting work promptly, contact me immediately. At the end of the course, students are expected to possess specific knowledge about the writing process and exhibit specific writing skills. A high school diploma or its equivalent is not a general admissions requirement of the college provided the student is 18 years of age, the compulsory age for high school attendance in Rhode Island.

The online application process requires that you submit your social security number as part of the application process. I will let you know if you need any particular software to view videos in this course. Each assignment must be saved with your last name and the name of the assignment, as in Smith, HW1. This technique selects just the right questions for your level. Students must also collect and submit documentation to show that they meet the requirements for receiving in-state tuition and fees. A student who previously attended the college through the Division of Workforce Partnerships, will need to submit a new application. However, you will only be able to gain access once I make the course available.

The International Student Application is available here. Read assigned sections of the course text. Evidence of proficiency in the English language demonstrated by submitting one of the following: At exsay time, I will send you an email indicating that the course awaits you.


At that site, I provide you with specific details about the assignments themselves and how to submit them. Welcome to the distance learning version of Composition I that meets fully online using Blackboard 9.

Each will receive a letter grade of A to F. Complete essays, homework, and tests based on the timeline provided on our Bb website.

Application Process – Community College of Rhode Island

Feel free to ask me questions, even if they seem silly to you. In effect, one helps you prepare for the other. This portion of the test is untimed so that you can give each question as much thought as you wish.

Upon completion of the free online admissions application, you will receive colleeg electronic acceptance message and a formal acceptance letter will be mailed to you.

English Composition I Online – Community College of Rhode Island

This appointment should be made when you begin your application process; many physicians require several weeks to schedule physicals and submit the reports. Do your best on the assignments given, being sure that you have fssay specific directions, are thorough, and have submitted them on time.

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Direct from HS Scholarships. If you have any difficulty, you can contact methe Help Deskcccri review any Blackboard documentation listed in Helpful Links.

Accuplacer Guide

The Rhode Island Board of Education established the residency rules for students attending the three state institutions of higher education: Additionally, you will be taking tests in Learning Curve part of Launchpad for points that will be added to your Bb test average.

Eat a good meal before taking the test so you aren’t esssay by hunger. A statement from your physiciancertifying that your health will permit studying abroad.

Therefore, should you follege not to participate in the course, be sure to drop the course through MyCCRI. Check to see if your computer is Blackboard ready. You may apply online for degree and non-degree programs for spring, summer, and fall semesters. This page developed and maintained by Marketing and Communications.


However, as in all courses, the schedule may change so it is essential that you visit the course at least once a week and go to the assigned week where you will see both reminders and updates.


CCRI email is the official manner in which I will communicate with you. A test administrator will be present throughout the testing session to answer any questions you have. That is, you cannot send in all essays at the same time! There are practice tests and other study aids available.

How to Apply Instructions CCRI has an open admissions policy giving everyone who applies an opportunity ccrii pursue higher education. State funds are available to wssay special programs for high school students.

Two must be from CCRI faculty members, the third may be from an employer, a faculty member from another college, or your high school. Flanagan Lincoln Campus — Room A list of authorized agencies is available in the Office of Enrollment Services or on this international student form.

This technique selects just the right questions for your level. Students must also collect and submit documentation to show that they meet the requirements for receiving in-state tuition and fees.

ccri college essay