If a guest has a request, he or she has that request now so it needs to be sorted out now. Hayes and Wheelwright provide a four-stage model for doing this. For example, if an insurance company has a strategy of moving to an entirely on-line service, its marketing ‘operation’ must organize appropriate promotions activities. ISO will be use for the quality test. Sometimes this is achieved through flexibility in design, For example, Dell is the world’s largest volume producer of personal computers yet allows each customer to ‘design’ albeit in a limited sense their own configuration. Flexibility – relatively little flexibility is required by the NC service – every week collections are the same with perhaps some minor variation in volume; however, the GR service has to cope with a wide range of recycling tasks at whatever volume customers demand. Besides, training and development allows administration assess the deficiencies of knowledge, skills and abilities of employees.

Wernie can also employ all Direct Channel strategies such as email and pay-per-click marketing, link creation, lowest price guarantee, loyalty and retention programs, and trust building to encourage, entice, and convert lookers into bookers on his website. Speed means the elapsed time between customers requesting products or services and their receipt of them. For example, if the hospital has to cope with a sudden influx of patients from a road accident, it clearly needs to deal with injuries quickly. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Flexibility will accord different demands and needs to fast handle with making change or decisions.

For example, if an insurance company has a strategy of moving to an entirely on-line service, its marketing ‘operation’ must organize appropriate promotions activities.

With ISOorganization can determine the cause of the problem and find out the solution.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

This means reducing the costs of some or all of its transformed and transforming resource inputs. This eliminates wasteful disruption and allows the other micro operations to operate efficiently. It is also why we continue to outperform the opposition in an extremely competitive and fastchanging market’.


Not just because the operations function is large and for most businesses, represents the bulk of the assets and the majority of the people, but because it makes the business competitive by providing the ability to respond to customers and by developing the capabilities that will keep it ahead of its competitors in the future.

Operations and management improvement. Investments at Arnhem increased the network’s capacity response to customer demand for services. The hospital staff cannot take time to ‘get into the routine’ of treating a particular complaint; they must have the flexibility to adapt quickly.

Th Hayes and Wheelwright of Harvard University” developed a four-stage model which can be used to evaluate the role and contribution of the operations function. Flexibility means change what you do. Other measures also includes: Of course, to do this we have to make sure that our staff are multi-skilled.

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A line describes the relative importance of each performance objective. At least then it isn’t holding back the company in any way.

case study operational objectives at the penang mutiara

Speedy operations cuts down the in-process inventory level and also saving the cost of administrative overheads. How much extra profit per pizza would be made if five minutes was cut from all deliveries? Draw a polar diagram which distinguishes between the performance objectives of the two services.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The short case ‘Everyday low prices at Aldi’ describes how one retailer keeps its costs down.

Qn 1a Describe how you think Wernie will make sure objectivea the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business. Internally, cost performance is helped by good performance in the other performance objectives.


This allows different operations to be compared excluding the effects of input costs. A number of suggestions have been made to speed up this process and, by doing so, save money. Memphis Grizzlies draft picks. An investigation shows that 10 per cent of all pizzas are delivered between 15 and 20 minutes from order, 40 per cent between 20 and 25 minutes from order, 40 per cent between 25 and 30 minutes from order, 5 per cent between 30 and 35 minutes from order, 3 per cent between 35 and 40 minutes from order, and 2 per cent over 40 minutes from order.

Dependable operations do not spring any unwelcome surprises on their internal customers. One input to the operation. Normally high variety means high cost see Chapter 1. One increasingly common method of ensuring that ambulances arrive quickly at the accident site is to position them not at hospitals but close to where accidents are likely to occur.

case study operational objectives at the penang mutiara

Both these issues are vital to any operation. Visit the company’s websites and: Flexibility can avoid unnecessarily repeating planning, spending and recourses.

Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay

These claims take, on average, 90 days to get right. It also reduces risks and inventories. Since it was founded inthe company’s growth has been phenomenal. In addition, agility implies that an operation and the supply chain of which it is a part supply chains are described in Chapter 6 can respond to the uncertainty in the market, Agility means responding to market requirements by producing new and existing products and services fast and flexibly, Flexibility inside the operation Developing a flexible operation can also have penag to the internal customers within the operation.