The GM-HR was not in thehead office,as he was in the field. The company secured the ISO The HR department undertook a massive task of writing the job descriptions JDs and key result areas KRAs for different positions to promote role clarity. HR was transferred as GM? Immediately on takeover, the first major issuewas themode of salary payment. Published by Dennis Carter Modified over 3 years ago.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. The HR department undertook a massive task of writing the job descriptions JDs and key result areas KRAs for different positions to promote role clarity. The latter demand charter contained two major demands i. The payment of retirementbenefits to employees for theperiod for which they had rendered service to DVB in the pre-takeover This content downloaded from The second demand charter, submitted on 4 June, contained ten demands, the prominent among these included:

He thought, “Why should I harass them forpetty issues which stuxy not botherme? Of course, the attraction of the pension benefits and job security under the Tripartite Agreement had prevented them to switchover This content downloaded from About 30 per cent are fence-sitters, and about 20 per cent have not at all.

case study on ndpl

Water purifierswere installed or filtered bottled water was provided. Pradip was a former loyalist of Jai Lai.


What had become a cause of serious worry in NDPL circles was the rising incidence of insubordination and Some cases of assault and heckling indiscipline.

In the first two years, the company made an investment of Rs.


case study on ndpl

After this training they could engage themselves in these activities and earn some extra money. This was done with a view to preventing the angry public fromattacking and damaging the premises when power breakdowns were not attended within a reasonable time.

Sarathi was aggressively marketed across NDPL through coloured to ensure that made full use of it. But we celebrated ‘Industrial Harmony Week’ during that period.

case study on ndpl

The CEO was subjected studh how tomake the union agree to the need to settle the issue of water women, who had no role in the company’s functioning. NDPL-scheme employee remains glued to the computer and is not so conversant with the field realities.

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You studu agree that, it is theunion’s duty tomake the common employee feel comfortable. The employees who cleared the test were regularized. In fact, the other two came under severe criticism for non companies performance; so much so they got several warnings fromChief Minister Shiela Dikshit.

There was no involvement of the labour in the department discussion of the demand charter. People feltbetter at having been provided facilities for comfortable nndpl atmosphere. Eventually, Delhi Government agreed to release themoney for the VRS-scheme beneficiaries, and the matter got settled.

The fieldwork for constructing this many months with intermittent intervals. Eye camps, health camps, and blood donation camps were organised to promote social responsibility amongst employees. The support Dr Debi S.

The posters employees related to issues like syudy, error grievances mostly posting, in administration-related issues, amenities-related issues pay-slip, This content downloaded from Diwali mela stury organised for all employees and their family members. After the takeover, NDPL recognized only themajority union i. The CEO continuously interacted with Delhi politicians with a view to changing their attitude on issues power and governance concerning employees of theDelhi power sector. Numerical relays were used in all the new panels commissioned after GSAS commissioning work.


The matter was stillpending in theHigh Court since then. Theywere seen counseling the employees on the issue of electronic transferof salary, and even would visit their homes and colonies to convince them. This included 90 per cent of the meter readers. The other option was that the employees could getmonetary compensation in lieu of the uniform.

(PDF) Case: Cooperative Employee Relations at North Delhi Power Ltd | Debi Saini –

Especially the big power thieves,who were mostly industrialists and similar establishments, were in connivance caee other DVB personnel and even Ln politicians.

Rajendra Kumar Choudhury Branch: This has led to higher of commitment of the employees. Average restoration time o Grid tripping: Some degree went to Delhi court while the names of four were struck from the rolls of the company. The key thing is that theDVB-scheme high are somehow fence-sitters and are not taking side performers of the one who is just and fair.