A group can reach this stage unexpectedly or in a planned manner. You are commenting using your WordPress. The group becomes oriented towards the task and the ground rules are established. These conflicts occur when there is a difference between information, beliefs, values interest desires etc. The disagreements leading to conflicts can disrupt the group but disagreements are natural consequences of forming a group and it should be perceived as such. He influences the other members with his arguments and withstands all the pressure from other members.

It need not be perceived as a threat until and unless the subgroup affinity becomes more than the attraction towards the group as a whole. Group Dynamics in the Jury Group in Ek Ruka Hua Faisla The movie ek ruka hua faisla occurs in a single room, the jury room where the twelve jurors have assembled together to deliberate on charges of murder against a young boy accused of killing his elderly father. This movie is probably the best medium for us to know about subject matters of organizational behavior topics like perception, attitude, behavior, leadership, team formation, norming and storming of team work, group dynamics, motivation, conflict management, personality easily in an entertaining way within short period of time. Log In Sign Up. He is calm, cool, and collected, and is probably one ofthe few jury members who fully understand his role as a jury.

Ek ruka hua faisla case study

Since he comes from a similarbackground, he is in a better position to understand the accused situations and empathize with him. Sub groups form due to the interest alliances among the subsets of group members. In this process, People either convinced themselves or convince others. Final closing arguments faksla presented, and the judge then instructs the jury to decide whether the boy is guilty of murder or not.

case study on ek ruka hua faisla

Conflicts arise due to differences in the information, values, beliefs, interests, or desires and rivalries in which one person or group competes with each other From this movie, I could infer that time Bound and specific objectives play an important role in group dynamics. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: However the movie is very much enjoyable with its small nuances, well portrayed characters and the plot.


Each group member has a well cut role to play in the movie. He is the voice of reason, and plays the most crucial role. Roles etudy very important for a group because it helps in the appropriate use of csae. He considered the evidence were sufficient enough to huz the boy guilty without giving any proper thought on evidence as a whole.

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The case against the boy seems irrefutable and all the jury members except one Juror 8 are convinced that the boy is guilty of killing his father. Interaction patterns can be of many types like: Eleven jury members are convinced that the boy is guilty of the crime and the task before them is to reach a unanimous decision to expedite the case.

We learn that whenever a number of people from different background, mindset, and culture cometogether then conflicts are bound to happen. Group Dynamics in the Jury Group in Ek Ruka Hua Faisla The movie ek ruka hua faisla occurs in a single room, the jury room where the twelve jurors have assembled together to deliberate on charges of murder against a young boy accused of killing his elderly father.

Secondly whenever some decisions are taken as a team then the focus should be on taking the viewpoints of everybody and collectively coming to a decision rather than focusing on expressing only individual viewpoints and influencing others as well.

Ek ruka hua faisla case study

In a group members sort guidance and direction from the leader. By continuing to use fausla website, you agree to their use. Helpful group dynamics can improve the group as a whole and satisfy the needs, both social and emotional, of falsla group members and facilitate the completion of the task. Again the situation comes under control and side by side performing stage is also happening when the jurors start giving out their argument against the convict and the juror 8 counters their argument with logic and rationale.

High level of group integration is necessary for the effective functioning of the group.

Case study on Power of Communication by movie – Ek ruka hua faisla

The juror 4 facilitates the group by stopping them from getting in to irrelevant discussions and also intervenes when necessary and juror 8 gives a direction to the group and he sticks on with his gut feeling till the end The personal prejudices are clearly visible in this group for example juror 10 Subbiraj is the most prejudiced member of the group and he is also actively destructive. By Jonathan Clough and Jacqueline Horan. Another impressive aspect of the movie is its attention to detail, as each and every small and sometimes unimaginable fase of the case is analyzed and debated upon, and yet the script and dialogues keep engage and attention till the very end.


It helps in avoiding excessive conflicts and ultimately the disintegration of the whole group.

Norms of the group and the roles adorned by the group members promote social integration. For some group dynamics is sociological as it focuses on the group and how the members of the group are influenced by the various forces.

There are twelve male members of a jury who have gathered together in an enclosed room to deliberate on charges of murder against a young boy accused of killing his own father.

Hence, these twelve people discover their own set of beliefs and thought processes as they try to unravel the same for the accused. The case against the boy looks certain and strong, as there is a witness in the form of an old man who claims to have heard the incident and another woman who claims to have seen the actual act of murdering.

Maypole, Round robin, Hot seat, Free floating. Hence we can see many of the members throughout the course of the movie deviating from the norms and beliefs. The movie also taught us how to work out best from the caes situation.

case study on ek ruka hua faisla

Norms are the appropriate ways in which everybody is supposed to act in a situation like a group. Learning from the Movie: Probably he is the only juror who understood his role and played it very well.