Each team member has been asked to prepare for the meeting by developing, in as much detail as possible, an outline that describes how you believe the team should proceed in handling project risks. If you think about it, all business problems are case studies. Choose Project D, which has the highest total score of We have developed the analytical tools that economists use when discussing policy options and have discussed its likely impacts on the economy in theory. The Keflavik Paper Company is a case with the problem of determining a project management process

The US cigarette industry has negotiated with Simplistic models typically yield simplistic answers and their consistency from method to method is questionable. When would each be appropriate? The keys to successful project portfolio management are flexibility freedom from layers of authority and open communication which allows projects teams to be innovative, using low cost methods to test new markets or product ideas, and smooth, timely transitions between projects. What are the benefits and drawbacks of project checklists for screening alternatives?

In your own words, describe crashing, fast tracking, and scope reduction as means of schedule compression. Sign in with Facebook. How does Agile address schedule compression?

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Posted 3 days ago. She has to take It is particularly useful to get students to identify a number of reasonable decision gates at which point projects should be papeg.

case study keflavik paper company

In particular, what aspects of the screening process does the AHP seem to address and improve directly? Share your results and comments with the class. The uncertainty and high risk associated with the costs and success rates make it difficult to create a balanced, reliable portfolio. With an average of 50 software and hardware support projects ongoing at any point in time, you have decided that you must create a system for screening new project requests from the various departments within the healthcare system.


case study keflavik paper company

You have been called in as a consultant to analyze the operations at WRU. Click here to Sign Up. Finally, project portfolio management may fail due to a lack of resource. We have to reassess the value of the investment in light of the option of waiting one year. A company has four project investment alternatives.

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Competitive advantage 3 Assume, too, that evaluations of high receive a score of 3, medium 2, and low 1. Quality 5 Cost 3 Speed to Market 7 Visibility 5 Reliability 1 Our company has four project alternatives, which satisfy the key features listed above as follows: Strategy and the portfolio must remain aligned for project portfolios to be successful.

What structural design changes might be undertaken to improve the operations at the company? How are they inferior? Again, in developing these decision gates, the instructor should try and get students to commpany of reviews for ongoing projects, as well on new opportunities.

How would project portfolio management help to improve the situation at Keflavik? On the other hand, when a Discounted Cash Flow approach is used, the results suggest that Project Janus will earn greater returns on initial investment.

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Answer the three questions at the end of the case. Has the evolution of the world trade system been a result of political institutions or economic Perhaps maintaining the process, but reducing the number of players involved may help to speed up the process while still reaping the benefits of the system and reducing the risk of projects.


Your task, as project manager, is to develop a process for handling risks to the project. Studyy don’t necessarily expect you to perform steps 4—6, but I do expect your response to be based on the facts papet your knowledge.

How would you explain the reasons for this divergence of opinion from one technique to the next?

Financial models are superior to screening models in that they link project alternatives to financial performance. It also establishes a threshold for eliminating or qualifying projects. Project B gives a similar level of potential return while offering significantly lower risk; thus, because profit return is similar across the two project paepr, it would make more sense to adopt the project with a lower overall risk level.

case study keflavik paper company

Your company employs three primary selection criteria for evaluating all IT projects: Menu Not Found Skip to content Home. For example though Project Janus offers a higher net present value for your initial investment, the payoff period is two years longer than Project Gemini, suggesting that if the firm does not wish to stdy its money up too long, Gemini might be a reasonable alternative choice.