Proportion of suicide cases among the claimed cases of occupational mental disorders claimed between fiscal years and Mental Health Additional Resources. Working hours, sleep duration and the risk of acute coronary heart disease: Ageing related down-regulation of myocardial connexin and up-regulation of MMP-2 may predict propensity to atrial fibrillation in experimental animals. To our knowledge, Japan was the first country to pass a law specifically focusing on comprehensive preventive measures against overwork-related disorders.

A study on death from overwork. The aims of the Act are to clarify the responsibilities of the state to promote preventive measures against overwork-related disorders, including a submission of the annual report on the state of and prevention policies regarding overwork-related disorders to the Diet, and to contribute to realizing a society where people can work healthily and actively with an adequate work—life balance. Useful Links How to buy case studies? An extension of the arousal hypothesis to occupational self-selection. Accessed December 1, These figures include both full-time and part-time employees.

For instance, due to the unavailability of data on the population of employees between January and Marchthe compensation rates are slightly higher than the actual value.

case study karoshi death from overwork

Link, BG and A Stueve. The worker-bee syndrome in Japan: Eighty-eight workers had identifiable trigger events within 24 hours before their attack. Working Hours and Work Events Figure 5 shows the distribution of overtime hours among those who were compensated in fiscal years and 9.

According to the data, it is reasonable to conclude that fatigue caused by overwork not only induces or worsens existing diseases, but also independently leads to malignant arrhythmia, resulting in karoshi.


Karoshi May Be a Consequence of Overwork-Related Malignant Arrhythmia

Prevention of work-related psychological disorders: The complexities of the etiology and pathogenesis of karoshi present difficulties for researchers but require further attention and in-depth studies. The purpose of the Industrial Safety and Health Law in Japan is to secure the safety and health of workers in workplaces as well as to facilitate the establishment of a comfortable working environment.

These data provide a mechanistic explanation for the speculated link between karoshi and cardiac arrhythmias. Working life has priority over family life.

The work place as family, the family as work place. The economic burden of depression in On the other hand, National Police Agency, Government of Japan.

Karoshi: Death from Overwork

The proportion of compensated karoshi cases versus claims has increased in Japan [ 3 ]. Immunohistochemical staining of ventricle tissue sections indicated that the expression of Cx43 decreased in the myocardial tissue of rats from the FST overwork model group Figure 1B, 1D compared with the control group Figure 1A, 1C.

Furthermore, as compared to occupational CCVD, occupational mental disorders have been compensated more frequently among young employees in Japan 9. Although previous reports have suggested that overwork might be a precipitating factor for idiopathic ventricular fibrillation [ 3 ], the exact mechanism by which overwork induces an underlying disease is unknown. Social course and outcome of delusional psychosis.

case study karoshi death from overwork

We next attempted to investigate the pathways involved in the regulation of Cx43 during overwork. At the intercalated disc, p-cSrc competes with Cx43 to bind with ZO-1 protein, promoting Cx43 internalization and degradation [ 29 ].

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The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions. Immunohistochemical staining also showed a reduction in the expression of Cav1 in rats in the FST group Figure 3. The questionnaires were mailed to a representative at the workplace who then selected workers to complete the survey.


The t test was used for comparisons of protein expression and the changes in organ coefficients between xeath and FST groups.

Karoshi May Be a Consequence of Overwork-Related Malignant Arrhythmia

Overwork down-regulates the expression of Cx43 via the activation of cSrc and decreased Cav Personality Indiv Diff 13 7: It is suggested that workers in not only high-strain jobs but also active jobs could be at high risk. Rosch, P and K Pelletier.

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Thus, experience in Japan can provide other countries with useful information on developing a national preventive policy against overwork-related disorders. Therefore, we hypothesized that overwork leads to Cx43 downregulation in a disordered RAS system, ultimately karosih in arrhythmias and death.

case study karoshi death from overwork

However, it is difficult to prove a causative relationship between overwork and sudden cardiac arrest [ 3 ]. Fatigue from overwork has been accepted as stidy related to nervousness, anxiety, depression, and social or psychological problems, which over the long term lead to endocrine and metabolism disorders.