Cost Productivity 7 By: The Weighted method is available only for Counter-Current exchangers. For more information on the special functions and logical expressions you may use, press Function Help On the Reactions Page, you can see that the current Liquid Volume is ft 3 and that the current conversion in the reactor is Now, select the suitable fluid package When you have established a component list, you combine the component list with a property package. De- Propanizer Column Add a distillation column De-propanizer: If you do not have such a file you may start from my version entitled ChemicalsEx.

Since it is the same variable, despite the slightly different nomenclature, HYSYS will change one when it changes the other. The following figure shows the physical configuration of this system superimposed on a topographic map. The object of the exercise is to select the product specifications such that profit is maximized. What is the flow rate of? Checkmark the reactor temperature and level as independent variables and the convesion as a dependent variable. As you shall see o F is more than sufficient for an upper bound. Hysys revised July 27, aspen Please submit all questions, comments and suggestions to W.

case study hysys v8

Add the assay data: The crude is the feed stock to oil refining process. The purpose is to find the LTS Low Temperature Separator temperature at which the hydrocarbon dew point target is met. You should see a Bull’s Eye when you are over a place you may “drop” it. Assay Percent Temperature oC 0 4 32 9 74 14 20 30 40 50 60 70 76 80 By: The preliminary design specifications require a reflux ratio of 6.


case study hysys v8

Since we will be caae the liquid volume by changing the Liquid Level percentage and we like even numbers, go ahead and change the Vessel Volume to ft 3. The following figure shows the physical configuration of this system superimposed on a topographic map. Remember me on this computer. The reflux ratio and the distillate rate under the specified conditions.


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We will install one reboiled side stripper and two steam stripped. Utility costs, and other issues, are directly tied to the temperatures we use for various operations. The Variables to check are: I have included this second Case Study in my file containing this completed example, CaseEx.

case study hysys v8

All right, we’ll worry about that in a second. De- Methanizer Column The De-Methanizer is modeled as a reboiled absorber operation, with two stusy streams and an energy stream feed, which represents a side heater on the column.

The aspen on these pages is intended for instructional hysys by Clarkson University students only. BoomBox Community Create a study. Now immediately, you should see we have a problem executing this plan. Ahmed Deyab Fares – http: To fully define the pipe sections segments, you must also specify pipe schedule, diameters, pipe material and a number of increments.

Aspen hysys v8 case study

Components in the boiling range of C1 to n-C5 are most commonly of interest. The Blend tab of the Oil Characterization view provides two functions, cutting the Oil into Hypo components and Blending two or more Assays into one set of hypo components.

Heat Exchanger Design Specifications: You’ll probably need to change the basis from Mole Fractions to Mole Flows. Valve pressure drop in kPa.

Go back to the Case Studies Page actually you might first want to make a recording on the Data Recorder Page, as that is a good habit to get into. You should now have a Basis-1 fluid package for the process streams and a Basis-2 fluid package with water-steam.


Case Studies Example

casw I recommend that you now look at the results and try to analyze why they came out as they did and play with the various 3D graph controls use the secondary mouse button over the graph to bring up the menu.

When you begin, your PFD should look approximately like this. If a library component cannot be found within the database, a comprehensive selection of estimation methods is available for creating fully defined hypothetical components. Reboiled and Steam Stripped.

Where the sensitivity runs only solve as much of the flowsheet as they need to to get all the dependent variables, Case Studies in HYSYS apparently solve the hyeys flowsheet every time.

Before pushing start and you could at this pointthere is one thing I would point out to you. Well just in case you didn’t, the example consisted of using a CSTR to react Propylene Oxide with Water to make Propylene Glycol, then separating that out as a product. This is a simple case; you can create your own case hysya with the same steps. Add a steam stream to provide the heating effect to the bottom of the csse instead of using a reboiler: