The floating payment is designated to mirror the loss incurred by creditors of the reference credit in the event of its default. This capstone does not, to the best of my knowledge, contain part of my work which has been submitted for the award of my degree either of this university or any other university without proper citation. The board of directors are requested to review NPAs accounts of one crore and above with special reference to fix staff accountability in individually. To be signed by the student Reg. The trend of NPA in last nine years was analyzed through secondary data.

This raises a concern in the industry and academia because it is generally felt that NPAs reduce the profitability of banks, weaken its financial health and erode its solvency. Under such circumstances, the holders of loans can make an allowance for a normal share of nonperformance in the form of bad loan provisions, or they may spread the risk by taking out insurance. Further, Indian banks have to make a per cent provision on the amount not covered by the realizable value of securities in case of ”doubtful” advance, while in some countries; it is 75 per cent or just 50 per cent. Private sector banks are the banks which are controlled by the private lenders with the approval from the RBI. Student Run Full Fledged Hotel Hospitality LPU students run and manage a full fledged hotel with a functional kitchen, restaurant, 25 rooms and all possible amenities. Sometimes it is found that the presence of large NPAs discourages banks to accept profitable but risky proposal loan from the customers.

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Private sector banks are the banks which are controlled by the private lenders with the approval from the RBI. When the bank does not enjoy the market competitiveness naturally the credit expansion would be slumped and when it happens, the profitability gets a setback.


Net NPAs are comparatively better on a global basis because of the stringent provisioning norms prescribed for banks in by Narashimam Committee. Private sector banks have not succeeded to reduce NPA as against the advances made over the years as both the ratios are increasing in later years.

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Various ensemble approaches like hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics are utilized. Capstone Round 0 Report Documents. Capatone Indian banking industry was dominated by public sector banks.

It plays an important role in enhancing mapping and survey fapstone yield and biomass. The thesis should be written in a project format while the Capstone Project do not rely on any project framework, the student can innovate new design or framework for the conduction of the research. The NPAs also affect the risk taking ability of the banks.

It is necessary that a public debate is started soon proejct the problem of NPAs and their resolution. The present study is confined to Jalandhar and Phagwara areas only.

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RBI permitted new banks projct be started in the private sector as per the recommendation of Narashiman committee. According to a study by Brownbridgemost of the bank failures were caused by non- performing loans.

It will not apply to accounts involving one financial institution or one bank instead it covers multiple banking accounts, syndication, consortium accounts with outstanding exposure of Rs.

Students can practice report life aviation hospitality at the project of the art aviation lab.

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Mobile Operated Driverless Car Automobile Engineering LPU students conceptualized and built a driverless car that can be operated with a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Government of India nationalized the banks to make them as an instrument of economic and social change and the mandate given to the banks was to expand their networks in capstome areas and to give loans to priority sectors such as small scale industries, self-employed groups, agriculture and schemes involving women.


The rear wheel of the cycle is replaced with a mechanical assemblage of links to idealize a walking object. In India, even on security taken against loans, provision has to be created. This is to certify that Automobile Engineering Yet another renewable initiative! Factorial profile of recovery mechanism adopted for NPA by banks Table: This research would help students in understanding of NPA concept as a whole.

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Students Design Autonomous Rover Engineering LPU students have built an autonomous navigation robot having capability of obstacle avoidance and following pre-defined path given as GPS coordinates. Students Race Go Karts Automobile Reportt Students learn the fundamentals of automobile engineering by building their own go karts.

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There is currently no charge to students for electronically submitting a thesis or dissertation. These ayurvedic products can be made from easily available raw material and quite cheap in comparison with other cosmetic products. The results are insightful to the financial policy planner as it identifies priority areas for different banks, which can improve the performance.

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Rating factors according to the importance of factor. Both the factors were found to be insignificant, thus hypothesis stands rejected.

Factor analysis was run capsotne the recovery mechanism adopted by private banks for reducing NPAs which completed in two rounds after deleting two items, one with communality below 0.

Borrowed accounts increased from 2.