She fell deeply in love. Older, brighter and funnier Camilla Collett: They paraded in her honour on her 80th birthday. It was the first Norwegian novel to address social problems directly, and it caused an uproar. Til og med i tyske aviser fikk hun rosende omtale.

Selboe has recently finished her book Camilla Collett: Before going abroad in the spring of , Camilla had written: Collett and Others — Logg inn eller registrer deg. Translated by Cathinka Hambro.

In the review of this translation for Scandinavian StudiesHarbison discussed its place in nineteenth-century women’s fiction in general. She started writing for publication after she married Collett. Love’s Comedydating fromis Ibsen’s critical look at bourgeois marriages, and its characters mention what they view as an absence of love in arranged matches.

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In a peripatetic existence that repeatedly took her back and forth between Norway and the Continent where esssay formed a lasting friendship with Henrik Ibsen and his wife Susannah Thoresen IbsenCamilla became increasingly occupied with the growing struggle to improve the conditions for women, and she became a public figure.

Det hadde hennes egne personlige erfaringer gitt henne rett til. In winter, snow and ice smoothed the roads, so that was the season for markets and social events requiring travel.

Til og med i tyske aviser fikk hun rosende omtale. She had inherited her parents’ keen aesthetic sense, and her father always encouraged her to develop her camiola talents with the exception of her deep yen for acting, which he was dead set against. This made him a public figure; so it created quite a stir when, two years later, he published a treatise in which he joined those who were outraged by the Treaty of Kiel’s provision that Norway should help pay the war debt of Denmark-Norway, and in which he showed his staunch belief in Norwegian national uniqueness, thought to manifest itself especially in the peasant culture.


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Camilla Collett og hennes senere forfatterskap. Here, she began a lifelong journey of self-discovery. Collett’s novel was translated into other European languages after its original publication, but did not appear in English until the early s.

Men i Norge skapte hennes bok ingen debatt.

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Optegnelser fra Ungdomsaarene Youthful Memoranda ; Vol. She remained deeply religious all her life, although without much outward demonstration of piety. Now a classic in Norwegian literature, it introduced realism and everyday concerns into fiction writing and began a strong tradition of women writers addressing a rapidly growing circle of women readers. She writes about beggars and animal abuse, and she is particularly essy with urban development and the French revolution.

Jacobine Camilla Collett (born Wergeland)

Louise’s sister Sofie Kold, the young heroine of Collett’s only novel, reflects the author’s own experience in returning home as a smoothly polished lure intended to catch a desirable husband who will take her off her family’s hands. Camilla Collett — broke new ground in Norwegian literature with the publication of her first novel in Though Collett’s novel did not address specific reforms, “instead she demanded a change of attitude,” wrote Beyer, “an understanding of the woman’s heart.

Collett was raised in a house that admired the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseauwhich would be a major influence on both Collett and her brother, Nicolai. Each new controversy between Welhaven and Henrik Wergeland added to Camilla’s burden. Upon her return home, her mood was one of despair—much of it due to her father’s anger that she had refused an offer of marriage from a wealthy Hamburg man.


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In she published her first book under her own name “From ca,illa Encampment of the Mutes”. Hun sympatiserte med den kvinnelige hovedpersonen og anklaget de forfatterne som ikke leverte det hun betraktet som sanne skildringer. According to Selboe, Collett plays an active part as nation-builder, although her brother Henrik Wergeland is the one who is primarily associated with nation-building today.

camilla collett essay

Latershe explained in a letter to her close friend Emilie Diriks that she and her siblings had grown up in all innocence with faults that came home to roost when they finally were turned loose among other people. Some see this as regrettable insularity on her part, while others consider it honest reporting of the Jane Austen school. Views Read Edit View history.

Camilla Collett thought that women must first of all be educated to see themselves in a different light, and that they must be free of economic bondage. She was also the younger sister of Norwegian poet Henrik Wergelandand is recognized as being one of the first contributors to realism in Norwegian literature.

I brevvekslet de. But Collett is much more entertaining than one would think, and her essays are fun to read. clllett

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