Eligibility All applicants must have completed and had their dissertation accepted by SGS between July 1 up to two years earlier and June 30 of the competition year. As the laboratory is a shared space, strong interpersonal skills are necessary. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. The scholarships cover all University of Oxford fees along with a stipend for living expenses and airfare Full application procedures and guidelines can be found through Enrollment Services. Throughout the placement year, Fellows will have access to personal and scientific mentoring to enable them to maximize the benefits of their fellowship and to support their career development. Each institution may nominate one candidate per category.

Communication will be forwarded to the Faculty closer to the deadline. Candidates whose first language is not English may be required to provide a certificate of English proficiency. Applicants from doctoral collaborative programs should submit their application to their home graduate unit. The individual should be independent, self-motivated and should be able to perform tasks with modest supervision after receiving appropriate training. By default, the Assessment Required Deadline in ResearchNet is set for two days before the applicant’s deadline. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Research excellence and leadership in the research domain – demonstrated capacity for research excellence based on track record as defined by quality of applicant’s research contributions, and demonstrated capacity for leadership in the research domain defined by the sphere of influence achieved to date by the applicant.

Architecture, Landscape, and Design – Daniels.

Both methodological and substantive quality of the dissertation will be judged. In order to encourage equitable access to excellent candidates, additional allowable reasons of career interruptions were added. At U distingulshed T, the Gold Medal is awarded to three students who achieve the highest academic standing at the graduate level. Applicants will need to decide where to apply because it will determine where the award will be held and paid from if successful.


Each institution may submit only one nomination for each Impact Award in each category in a given year.

Familiarity in research using one or more of the following will be considered an asset; mouse models, imaging techniques immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistryprotein analyses, molecular biology techniques PCR, cloning, etc.

The Schmidt Science Fellows program aims to provide the world’s best emerging scientists with new skills and perspectives to develop novel solutions to society’s challenges, become scientific and societal thought leaders, and unlock new scientific breakthroughs faster. For inquiries regarding the nomination process, please contact: Please contact your graduate unit for all application procedures and details. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is unique in its emphasis on the synergy of research goals and projects between the following:.

U of T nomination and selection process: Award Overview Student Deadline to Unit: The University of Toronto does not have access to applications on ResearchNet.

Postdoctoral Required Legal Status: As the laboratory is a shared space, strong interpersonal skills are necessary. Applicants must have the ability to adhere to tight deadlines, be detail oriented, possess organizational skills, and keep meticulous records.

CAGS/ProQuest-UMI Distinguished Dissertation Awards

Nominee Online Submission Deadline: We seek to ensure to the greatest extent possible that all students and employees enjoy the opportunity to participate as they see fit in the full range of activities that the University offers, distinugished to achieve their full potential as members of the University community.

In addition, careful consideration must be given to ensure gender equity in the endorsement process. All applicants must submit to their graduate unit or their supervisor’s affiliated graduate unit an electronic copy of the following documents in a single PDF package: The program has relationships and committed support from internationally-leading research leaders and laboratories to ensure fellows are placed into a stimulating, challenging and djstinguished environment.


Appendices containing non-textual material, such as charts or tables, are not required committee members distinguixhed not be reviewing the appended items ; and.

CAGS/ProQuest-UMI Distinguished Dissertation Awards | Office of Research in Education ORE

Eligible applicants are encouraged to visit the program’s website. Please refer to U of T’s policies and guidelines on postdoctoral fellows. Assessors must read and comment on the statement of research or writing being submitted as part of the application. Letters for a doctoral submission must explain the original contribution to the field made by the dissertation; and Doctoral submissions xags/proquest-umi also include a copy of the applicant’s resume or C.

Completion & Postdoctoral Awards

Based on reciprocal agreements between Canada and Foreign governments, the PDRF will award approximately 40 to 60 fellowships to selected candidates from twelve countries. Nominees will be notified by SGS in late March.

Not currently open for applicationsApplicable study: September 5, ; completed forms to be returned to applicants by September 12, It creates cgs/proquest-umi community of lifelong fellowship and collaboration, between Fellows and the leading thinkers with whom they connect.

cags/proquest-umi distinguished dissertation awards

Only applications endorsed by the Dean of Graduate Studies will zwards accepted by the Banting Secretariat. May 1st or September 1st Details will be forwarded to faculty members in advance of the deadline.

cags/proquest-umi distinguished dissertation awards

Each institution may nominate one candidate per category.