Ensure customer satisfaction through fulfilling his needs and solving his problems vii. Growth will be developed on demand on cereals products. There is increased demand in the area because of high population of the middle class people iii. Industry Customers These are customers who buy goods to go and produce others. The main competitors are a Gatitu stores i.

Pricing; the business shall offer low prices than its competitors to attract more customers v. Labor The business will have a capacity of 8 laborers at the start up. Manager 8, 1, 4 Cashier 6, 1, 5 Massager-2 10, 2, 6 Cleaner 5, 1, watchman 4, 1, TOTAL c Incentives The employee shall enjoy the following incentives in the business as a way of motivating them. The owner will have had enough time to do market research and acquired essential legal documents like licenses. Due to unemployment those unemployed will get their cheaply available meals from the kiosk and cafes hence growth of cereals stores. Help Center Find new research papers in: The business area will also depend on the status of the market:

The owner would have proved that there is unemployment in Kenya. Those in the top ,nec will guide and control those below them in operating the buainess. There is customer and industrial market in the area ii. This will busineess possible because when there are good rains in the country, food is cheaply sold therefore the cereals will buy in high qualities and stock for sale when food is scare at a whole sale price to the nearby cereals shop around.


The customer will give views. Communication must be open, honest and prompt vi. The owner will be the overall boss assisted by the deputy manager who will also check on the shortcomings of the enterprise and give solutions in absence of the general manager. Availability of social amenities e.

business plan knec format

These technologies will be cheap to purchase, easy to maintain and use effectively. Application for Public Entertainment or Similar Activity.

Water The Nairobi city Council shall cater for water supply in the premises. This will give the business security and hope of formta in case of break of this risk.

business plan knec format

After registration, the business will get a license Ksh. Log In Sign Up. Collecting all legal documents like licenses ii. Operational plan This business will need balances, bicycles, sieves, masks aprons, shelves etc.

The table below lists the important elements of a business plan and offers some simple points that need to be taken into consideration in regard to each section. Buisness Mutanu Nzyoki Admin No: Management Technology The business managers shall perform the following duties i.

A customer being the base line of every gusiness business, he will determine the growth of the business. It ensures economic operations, improves motivation, and facilitates control by reducing uncertainties. Industry Customers These are customers who buy goods to go and produce others.

business plan knec format

Materials This will include stock which includes maize, beans, peas, cowpeas, sugar, and flour. May God Bless you all. The Enterprise Europe Network. The customer is always right.



The employees will also be allowed to attend seminars for more skills outside the business premises b Recruitment This will be done to identify the right and qualified workforce for the business. Essential contents of a Business Plan in a simple format. Ombati for guidance and support during the business plan. This will help them foormat have knowledge of the product and its kec Unskilled laborers will be used for loading and unloading bags, cleaning stores and business premises.


Remember me on this computer. The operator will have discovered the need of the cereal products in the market and they are needed by customers and yet not available in the market.

Search this site http: Technology At start up the business will use the cheapest and most available technology; i. This will be of the best quality which will be very expensive and others knc low quality that will be cheap for the lower class customers.

From the farmer or cereals and produce board, which will be the supplier, the cereals will be transported to the business bsuiness for sale to customers or to other retailer who will also sell to customers as shown below.