How is the defense committee formed? Close Places I’ve Been The following links are virtual breadcrumbs marking the 27 most recent pages you have visited in Bucknell. Program Features Students at Reed College earn a bachelor of arts degree in 40 majors and programs. The following links are virtual breadcrumbs marking the 27 most recent pages you have visited in Bucknell. Students are encouraged to engage in cross-disciplinary study, and opportunities abound for research and independent scholarship. This statement or description should indicate clearly the objective s of the project. To foster breadth of learning, students take six courses from disciplines which range from the humanities to the natural sciences.

Working with a team of advisors, students create their own degree program, which sets the course for their own personal and professional lives. The departmental academic assistant can help schedule the room and post notification about the defense. Overview Seated at the foot of Mount Greylock in the Massachusetts Berkshires, Williams College offers the quintessential private liberal arts college experience. Whether that involves starting new organizations, publications, or performing groups—even dealing with institutional problems and sitting in on policy committees with faculty and administrators—students are empowered to help shape what Vassar looks like as a school. This program is started during the student’s penultimate year. Students are required to complete three Jan Plans, but most choose to do four. Pomona College features state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities—and nearly half of all Pomona students study abroad through one of their 59 programs.

The College ranks among the top 50 liberal arts colleges nationally and as one of the top ten rhesis value liberal arts colleges in the country U. And with a focus on interdisciplinary knowledge, the core curriculum provides links between majors, providing a shared intellectual foundation for the entire school.

Located in Claremont, CA just outside of L.

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This schedule propels students through three rather than four classes at a time in ten-week terms. Overview A historic private liberal arts college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Franklin and Marshall College was originally founded honods Benjamin Franklin in Close Places I’ve Been The following links are virtual breadcrumbs marking the 27 most recent pages you have visited in Bucknell.


Overview One of the oldest colleges in New York state, Hamilton College is a private liberal arts college that ranks as one of the most innovative in the country U. This takes place in distinctive seminar-style classes, fostering close relationships between students and faculty. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

At Swarthmore College, intellectually passionate students from diverse backgrounds come together to collaborate rather than compete. From athletics and recreation to dance, music, honnors arts, and student government, there is a niche for everyone. Candidates in creative arts sometimes submit other works in place of a thesis. The school ranks as one of the most highly innovative liberal arts colleges in the country and as the homors liberal arts college for veterans in the country U.

For close to two centuries, DePauw University has been setting a high standard for liberal arts studies.

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Enter Degree Type Select Department: Select up to 3 Subject Categories Copy and paste your Abstract into the rich text editor.

A separate, complete and signed Letter of Nomination from the student’s major department or program must be emailed to the chair of the Honors Council. Many academic departments and programs offer honors for students majoring in those areas of study. Overview Located in Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University is highly-ranked private liberal arts college with a distinctive culture that values putting ideals into practice.

bucknell honors thesis calendar

What should you the student expect during your Honors Thesis Calenda Economics Neuroscience Environmental Studies Notables Middlebury is notable among traditional liberal arts colleges in their diversity of programs. Economics Linguistics Political Science Notables Residential life at Reed is varied and includes multi-year, multi-gender dorms, a series of language houses staffed with a visiting language scholarand a variety of theme communities.

These include graduate degrees as well as specialized programs like the Middlebury Language Schools around the globe.

bucknell honors thesis calendar

And students explore academic subjects in small, collaborative classes lead by dedicated faculty. Instructions for the Miller Prize best Honors Thesis If a student is nominated for the Miller Prize description a letter making a case for consideration must be signed by all Thesis Examination Committee Members and submitted to the Honor’s Council chair by April 25 electronic via email or paper version is acceptable.


At Pomona College, students encounter a curriculum rooted in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences—in the context of a close knit residential community.

Program Features Macalester students choose from 38 majors and 63 areas of study, including thdsis programs in Engineering, Law, and Medicine. At College of the Holy Cross, academic exploration is fueled by a sense of intellectual adventure.

The signed form must be submitted as the title page in your calendsr proposal submission.

Honors Thesis Submission Instructions

And the curriculum includes immersive educational experiences and faculty-student collaborative research. September 20 February 10 Students, with their advisors, complete a ” Thesis Progress and Intent to Defend ” electronic form, and select a co-advisor or second reader for the defense committee.

You are viewing an archived Bucknell University news story. Located just outside downtown Portland, Oregon, Reed College is a private liberal arts college with hoors reputation for stellar undergraduate teaching U. How is the defense committee formed? At the heart of the Bowdoin College experience lie formative relationships—between students of different backgrounds and dedicated, world-class faculty.

The researchers are altering the enzymes’ DNA and changing the substrate — the molecule on which the enzyme acts — to identify the exact position on the molecule where the catalytic reaction takes place. To be accepted into bucknekl Honors Program, a student must submit an honors proposal for approval by the advisor, co-advisor or second reader in the student’s major, and the Honors Council.