But even more importantly, the instructor stimulated us to send him thoughts, questions, and drafts of essays, which must have taken him quite some time, but which absolutely helped us to improve significantly. Week 5 — Authority Main Readings: The Radcliffe Science Library holds all postgraduate theses in the sciences for which a deposit requirement is stipulated by the University. Home Oxford students Academic matters Examinations and assessments Research examinations. Furthermore, the dialogical exchange of reasons, arguments, questions, objections etc. Mill, On Liberty, Chs. However, as part of your course requirements, you may need to choose a dissertation, a project or a thesis topic.

So I want to argue that both will theorists such as Steiner and interest theorists such as Kramer rely on substantial moral and political views. Oxford University Research Archive ORA is an institutional repository for the University of Oxford and is home to the scholarly output of its research members. I have never studied in Oxford before, let alone on the BPhil course. Help Center Find new research papers in: The set of documents you should send with your application to this course comprises the following:

For individual copies, permission may in the form of a signed letter, or an email if sent from a verifiable i. This will be assessed for evidence of motivation for and understanding of the proposed area of study. I would rate the educational value of this course for me to be: The Social Science Library holds a significant collection of taught-course, M. You should submit a statement in English explaining thesiss motivation for applying for the course, in which you may wish to consider the following questions: It lasts for two academic years a total of six termsand is designed for students who already have either an undergraduate or a postgraduate background in philosophy.


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bphil thesis oxford

Indeed, it seems quite possible if it b;hil about the proper function of rights that will theorists and interest theorists are disagreeing about. The Balfour Library holds M.

Global Governance and Diplomacy M. Dworkin, Taking Rights Seriously, Chs. They will have to argue on evaluative grounds why rights are best understood from a Kantian perspective of autonomy, or why rights necessarily have to further the interests of their holders. The assignment of the academic supervisor normally depends on the subject being studied, but supervision could be changed during the course of study or before registration for reasons which might include sabbatical leave, maternity leave or change oxfodd employment.

Philosophizing is also about having an eye for details and a certain critical attitude – oxfprd just to what others say, but also to what oneself wants to say.

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I shall circulate it around through email before the class. Deadlines 12 noon UK time midday on: This is a draft paper.

bphil thesis oxford

It therefore seems to me that what you really want to argue for does not necessarily hinge on your arguments about human rights here. Students who achieve a distinction are automatically eligible for progression to the DPhil, provided only that the Philosophy Graduate Studies Committee is satisfied that their proposed thesis topic and outline indicate that they can be adequately supervised by members of the Faculty of Philosophy.

This is not just to ensure that students have a good grasp of the underlying material.


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Teaching Philosophy, 1 oxord How to apply You should not make contact with an academic member of staff before you apply. I have no additional remarks. There are no conservation restrictions on the amount that you may copy so, with the rights-holder’s consent, theses may be copied in their entirety.

You will be required to supply supporting documents with oxfofd application, including references and an official transcript. Choose only one answer to each question and please TICK the appropriate box: In some subjects, only dissertations which received particularly high marks are held. In exceptional circumstances the Proctors may permit a viva to be held earlier but this is not guaranteed. The gown should be that of your present status i.

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I’ll think a bit more about all of this in the next few weeks. However, entrance is very competitive and most successful applicants have a GPA of 3.

Week 7 — Criminalization Main Readings: Include an abstract with each copy of theis thesis generally bound in with the thesis. Please ask Weston Library staff for assistance, or contact the Bpgil Desk. One thing that proved to be rather successful this time around was allowing students to choose their own topics for some of the seminars. You might want to clarify whether you want to focus on rights in general, understood as being composed of Hohfeldian incidents; or just claim-rights more specifically.