Kubo never pointed it out because he originally was going to end the series once the HM arc was all done with – so Ichigo admitting he was there to get his friends back and get orihime back would have wrecked the ending. And I also never saw the appeal in looks either. But before I can truly call myself an IchiHime fan, I need to read the manga again; upside down this time. Grinning widely again, rare for his character while he stares directly at Orihime while she stares directly back at him and is smiling, too. I get the feeling that a lot of things about this fight, especially from Ichigo’s point of view, will remain mysterious for a little while afterward, and will be the subject of illumination for quite a while to come.

Ichihime is totally going to happen after all kubo put Ichigo and Rukia on the covers of souls and vibes just for fan service. What are you teaching her?! A ton and a half of Hollows in this series, particularly the early ones and ones like Aaroniero, speak in Katakana. The thing that finally sets Ichigo off? Well, while Ichigo certainly has not made any speeches like Orihime’s FLOL one, there have been plenty of moments where Rukia has been singled out among his nakama as some extra-special to him.

In fact, this is the biggest mistake of her life.

He just dragged some creep out of the classroom for coming on to Orihime, and then demands that he apologize to her or else this is such a common romantic trope. He woke up to find that he stabbed his nakama in the chest. This is what this arc amounts to, this is what Kubo is driving home, and this is how her feelings blezch be resolved – not in requited love.


We saw them grow even closer over time, and the time-skip showed them hanging out more and more at school, and the bread-date:.

And Tatsuki comments how remarkable it is that Orihime knew that, considering it took her three years to figure that bldach. Every single one of you who insists that Ichigo’s protection for Orihime is so very fierce and wild and specialyou are missing the point. Kick in his face, and yells at him like she his momma.

And let me tell you I thought Ichiruki would be endgame. THEN ichihime happens to me. The only way to see difference ichihkme to look at the moments that he reacted to them.

Ichigo & Orihime

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Their mutual desires to protect each other was a recurring theme. It is not an exaggeration for me to say that the person Orihime hurt most of all in this scene was herself. From acquaintances, to here.


bleach ichihime essay

But even then, no blush or indication of him feeling for her more than a friend. In any case, say she did. Yonderunda, kikoeru Tateyo tate, ore ga Ore ga Ore ga mamoru– Which is literally: It’s not like I wanted to ship a pairing that is the underdog, but I can’t help it. So bleach will be just as effected if ichiruki happens. There was a minority that insisted this was the moment for the Ichigo x Orihime ship: His Allon-like Hollow form is gone.

The fuck is a heart. Anyway, what does Rukia do next?

bleach ichihime essay

Re-reading this, I have no idea why anyone bought into this shit. He never tells Ulquiorra why he has to win, only that he has to win.

Some people are just unwilling to see this as anything but Ichihime success. And ended up here: He wakes up horrified and not even cognizant of the horrors that he himself had unleashed.

Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

Just think about that for a second: That must mean they have really, really good reasons for not fighting. But that makes no sense whatsoever. There is no pronoun. Why does he just keep muttering about protecting, and in grammatically broken sentences?