Hopefully I will come to track on my 2nd Semester soon!!!!! Two other friends of mine Avinash and Abhijit also got the same site for their dissertation. To answer that there are various ways one has to approach this thought. I wanted to do this during my 3rd sem. We did plan well during our Goa visit. Considering your classmates didn’t do MS abroad. I just roamed in campus for 1 hour and campus is awesome.

Till now, I have played for two weekends with my LSI co-workers. Unfortunately I am not able to install ns2 on JJ. In the beginning boots of II, I was not comfortable with the terminal. I hadnt performed well in Data Mining, so there were no surprises that I didnt get enough marks. There will not be much of coding, and only enhancements for the existing code. After fetching the result into a local file, to display the same for a particular usn was kind of tough for me. Posted by Chandu at 6:

C who was interested in Subversion and asked many related questions about my dissertation work.

Find the rectangle with maximum area. Though the branch is in dissertatioj condition and does the intended job, there are many more changes planned before merging the branch back to trunk. I hope JJ will help me learn even more things and I am already on it: Then I deleted the entire dictionary set in the 1Mib file.


Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani

I wanted to do this during my 3rd sem. Can you please share the ppt. They will be restricted to work on only one thing dissergation a very long period of time.

bits pilani ms dissertation

The Registration card for the continued students is out on June 21, I took 20 mins to locate the room: In case if u get error message in ubuntu, make sure gits have not installed “host” package. This is an application to check VTU results and also ise ranklist.

Techie-Builder: BITS Pilani MS Dissertation experience

Now its time for some hard core studies. I just roamed in hits for 1 hour and campus is awesome. Thats an added feature, as its small and can be driven through the narrowest roads like Avenue Road: What is your viva date? I dissrtation u r specializing in Software Systems. Python pickling helped me rule out the problem. Code can be found here The complexity is not so good.


Till now, I have played for two weekends with my LSI co-workers. Data structures and algorithms was back in my subjects list. Download the ns2-allinone package from here This is version 2.

My Views – Criticisms are most welcome 🙂

So, we need to download the patch and patch it with the old source code. The opinions expressed here represent my own pilanii not those of my employer.

This became the last day of II on my comp. Posted by Chandu at 1: Monday, May 14, Largest rectangle area in the given Histogram. Take care of all corner cases. A disserration to explore w.

bits pilani ms dissertation

Its been hard to maintain work and study life balance. If you cant follow that, do this. I will get back to you.

bits pilani ms dissertation

The 2nd sem has begun. This was very handy for me while developiing few applications. On a weekend I bought all the semester books.