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This shows that the soldiers were treated like meat and sent to be butchered. Thus, through Weir, specifically his alcoholism and discomfiture around his own father, Faulks is able to display the psychological devastation of war in Birdsong. A tradition in England which dates back many centuries is to ring a bell when a person was dying. Weir, like so many other soldiers, is afraid. Owen moves on to write:

birdsong coursework questions

It allows the reader to see how immune the soldiers became to their surroundings. Even Stephen, present at the battlefield itself cannot comprehend the scale of the destruction: With only men serving and living in the trenches for months, if not years, on end, Faulks suggests homosociality in the trenches, and even hints at the possibility of homo-eroticism between the men. Faulks emphasises the natural beauty and tranquility of the Somme in the opening chapter which is later destroyed by the war.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray. The cloth, usually black, covering the coffin at a funeral.

He compares a respectful funeral to the harsh reality of the fatality in war and by questioning religious approaches to provide comfort in the face of such a harsh reality. Critical Theory and Comparison You clearly link your themes quuestions conflict to different sections of the qiestions, thus achieving high marks for this element of AO3.

There is a strong crisis of masculinity in Birdsong, as the man at the front are constantly presented with challenges to their gender. Faulks uses his ability to create complex characters to show up upper-class arrogance that, as Paul Fussel comments: Faulks also uses a mixed semantic field of language in the same section to describe all the aspects of war.

Is Winnie the Pooh a girl or a boy? This also helps the reader realize how claustrophobic the conditions were.

birdsong coursework questions

Faulks provides the reader with information before the characters in the novel. In World War One it was believed to be the war to end all wars.

birdsong coursework questions

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This site uses cookies. I think this is where I put it. Birdsong Ib id p Faulks also begins to use language of war at the beginning of the novel. He said it again and again beneath his breath.


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Such as Lord etc? It is therefore evident that the First World War literature remains the most enduring literary legacy because of its impact on humanity. But worst of all it is questionss futile and pointless struggle, as waves upon waves of men die every day. Jesus sacrificed himself for the benefit of humanity, so that humanity can reach salvation.