It is advised that Option D Embargoes may be suitable for those theses which: Mere examples don’t, by themselves, make clear what the program cannot do. Why should anyone be interested in your axioms and symbols? Evaluation of theoretical work in computer science might include attempting to apply it to design of new languages or hardware, or to software engineering techniques, or simply to the solution of other theoretical problems. But don’t overdo it. If any material is included in your thesis which is a result of collaborative working, you must include details of how much of the work is your own and how much is that of other people. Too often either the text or a figure is changed without the other being changed too.

Our information on access options can also be downloaded as an information sheet docx – 24 kb. TeX is also Turing complete. Further information about the program If you have a program state clearly what it achieves: Also make clear whether the input and output are as they would be for your program, or whether you have tarted them up for the purpose of communication. A pipe symbol ‘ ‘ is used to designate a vertical line so one is placed at the start so that the table will have a left edge, the next character is an ‘l’, this specifies that we would like this column to be left justified, the choices are l – left, r – right, c – centre. Any requests for the electronic copy of the thesis will be passed on to the author who will have opportunity to give or withhold their consent for a full-text copy to be supplied to a named requester. Program output and tracing Give examples of “trace” printing produced by your program running, but make sure the examples are carefully selected to highlight interesting points.

It should be adequately referenced.

UoB Essay Template with assorted packages. If you introduce a lot of technical terminology that is not generally known to all workers in the field not just your specialised sub-field, but the discipline as thesix whole then you should have a special section summarising the terminology with cross references to places where terms are defined.

thhesis Also when you have collected data beware of wild and woolly speculation as to how they are produced. Good illustrative examples are important for this.


It is not necessary for one to understand this kind of markup in order to use eepic. A metadata record thesos exist for the thesis on the eTheses Repository shortly bnam submission.

Overview The University of Birmingham is providing free Overleaf Professional accounts for all students, faculty and staff within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects.

Which means that you cannot access the 31 auxiliary tools from the command line. Output written on blah.

Presenting your thesis

This in turn will likely result in fewer academic citations and a reduced academic impact. If possible give a grammar for the output, and a formal account of the relations between input and output. For examples of how to do this look at the journal: Look for opportunities to improve clarity, remove repetition, correct errors, etc. Have you found new ways of representing information usefully?

Here is an extremely simple LaTeX2e article template to get you started:. Encourages researchers in your field to read your work and cite it in their own research Boosts your academic profile and the potential impact of your work Helps support the wider international scholarly agenda around providing open access to academic content For PGR students who have received an UKRI studentship it ensures compliance with their terms and conditions around access to the final thesis Theesis ensure the thesis is indexed by anti-plagiarism software programmes to prevent fraudulent re-use.

If thesis plus appendices is much over pages or 80, words then it is probably too long and you risk making busy examiners upset at having to be burdened with it – unless the whole thing larex fascinating, from beginning to end. Ltaex of the points made in this section bahm expanded in later sections.

Thesis guidance

Overleaf provides and intuitive and easy-to-use manuscript editor our rich text modewhich is especially useful if you or your co-authors aren’t familiar with writing in LaTeX. Acknowledgements Several people at Sussex, and Alan Bundy in Edinburgh, have contributed useful suggestions, which led to revisions of early drafts.

bham thesis latex

Install A TeX Distribution 2. These notes are intended to guide, but not direct, research students when planning and writing their theses.


One thing you should avoid is a very superficial survey in which you cover 25 authors in 10 pages giving a potted summary of each that will give little information to readers who do not already know the work. Avoid embarrassing omissions proofread carefully If not everything can be inserted by the text processor you are using be prepared to write things in by hand in black ink.

You can find information on submitting your thesis, including forms and queries about content, submission dates, examination and degree-awarding procedures, from Research Student Administration RSA. For course-based MA or MSc students the requirements are not so stringent, but the notes may be of some use to them too.

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Moreover, a presentation that makes the structure of your work clear can reveal gaps in arguments and other deficiencies, thereby helping to improve the substance. However, it is very important in a thesis that you demonstrate that you are familiar with relevant literature, that you can expound it properly and that oatex know exactly what your own work adds to the work of others.

bham thesis latex

If you say that there is a relationship between two observables say WHAT it is. A long-term Option C restriction will hinder the ability of researchers in the field to access the thesis, especially those based outside Birmingham and overseas. A screenshot of jfig showing an eepic export in progress is shown below:.

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If you are not in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and find this service useful, please express your interest to lagex IT Manager. However, this guide does not deal with the content and academic standard required of a thesis. Once an Option D Embargo expires, the thesis will revert to becoming subject to the terms of Option A, B or C depending on the preference indicated by the author.

If you have done this in your code, then expand it into something intelligible for readers in the thesis.

bham thesis latex